Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality, customized

compounded medication that meets your individual prescription

needs.  To ensure that you receive the best care possible, our

pharmacists, Karen Sealey and Ronnie Swaim, will work with you

and your personal physician to customize your therapy.

Our staff is highly trained in the art of compounding and our facility

has the most up to date, state-of-the-art compounding equipment

and technology available and a wide range of pharmaceutical grade

chemicals to ensure accuracy and quality in the medications we

compound.  Our lab has an ointment mill, electronic mortar and

pestle, capsule machine, electronic balance, an AirClean

PowderSafe hood and specialized computer software designed

specifically for compounding.  We are members of PCCA

(Professional Compounding Centers of America). 

Specific areas we specialize in:

  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Men’s health
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Pediatrics
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Women’s health

Call or stop by--we would be happy to answer your questions,

and meet your compounding needs.

Last Updated: 12/4/2017
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