Timely Meds

Here are some of the benefits of this complimentary service:

  •  Save time and money!

  •  Make just ONE trip to the pharmacy each month!

  •  No running out of medication on the weekend!

  •  No worrying your medicication won’t be in stock!

  •  No calling in refills, we call you!

  •  Simple, convenient, FREE!

Enrollment in Timely Meds is simple and easy!

  •  Talk with one of our pharmacists today
  •  We will set a date for you to pick up your medications each month
  •  About five days before your pick-up date, we will call you to update your medication file and add any non-routine medications you might need.
  •  Reduce stress and enjoy peace of mind
  •  Our staff take care of you and your medications
  •  Ask us about Timely Meds today!

Last Updated: 12/4/2017