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How much does an mri cost without insurance in florida?

MRI scan prices in Florida – An MRI in Florida may cost anywhere from $641 to $6,570, according to a review of 250 providers. Cash-paying patients might spend between $250 and $725 for an MRI scan. Below are guidelines for negotiating the best price for your scan.

How much does an MRI of the head cost in Florida?

Florida hospitals with indicated costs for brain MRI – The projected costs below are based on the historical average cash charges paid by providers for a brain MRI and will vary depending on the location of the service.

Locations Price Range

Your doctor may order a diagnostic imaging test for other sections of the body, such as the heart, spleen, or pancreas. The majority of MRIs are conducted on the brain and spinal cord.

Why are MRI costs so variable?

Skip to content The agony in your back is unbearable. Or, perhaps you dread the onset of arthritis. Regardless of the cause, your doctor advised you to get an MRI to investigate the issue. The only issue is that you recently discovered that the local hospital’s fees exceed your budget.

Hospitals typically charge more for scans than independent facilities. A general CT scan may cost around $525 in an outpatient imaging center and up to $4,750 in an inpatient facility.