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How much does budget truck rental insurance cost?

Updated last on April 23, 2022 Budget offers a variety of rental vehicle insurance options. Depending on the insurance policies you select, you may spend as low as $9 per day or as much as $500 per day for Budget auto insurance. Expenses vary based on your location, the worth of your car, and the extras you choose.

What dimensions does a 16-foot moving truck have?

The inside dimensions of a 16-foot-long vehicle are 16 feet by up to 7 feet and 7 inches.

Average Cost to Rent a Moving Truck Per Day
Average Cost $60
Highest Cost $100
Lowest Cost $20

What is the largest economical rental vehicle size?

26 foot truck – 5 to 8 Rooms or a 2 to 3 Bedroom House Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) : Payload Weight : Cubic Feet : Clearance : Interior Length : Interior Width : Interior Height : Load Ramp Width : 1,698 Up to 26,000 pounds 10,000 pounds 13 feet 26 feet 8′ 1″ 8′ 1″ 2′ 3/8″ Loading Ramp Width: Rear Door Height: Rear Door Width Seat Belts and / or Seats: Fuel Tank: Fuel Type: MPG** 7′ 10″ 7′ 7″ 1,000 pounds 3 50 gallon Diesel 8-10 MPG Budget Trucks’ 26-foot rental trucks offer over 1,700 cubic feet of room and a maximum load capacity of 10,000 pounds, making them the perfect alternative for bigger families and townhouses.

The average volume of a room is between 150 and 200 cubic feet. When considering what size truck to hire, don’t forget to account for bicycles, barbecues, and outdoor furniture. We also recommend renting a 26-foot truck for long-distance relocation, so that you just have to make one trip and save money on gas.

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Additional Attributes: Walk Ramps and Liftgates Available, Air Conditioning, Automatic Transmission, Power Steering, Power Brakes, AM/FM Stereo, and Power Steering and Brakes. No Wheel Wells, Dual-Faced Mirrors, or Cargo Securing Straps. Bucket Seating for Three, 50 Gallon Diesel Tank, 13′ 0″ Clearance.

Florida is the most affordable state in which to purchase a truck, with car prices around 10 percent lower than in rival states. The demographics of the state are one explanation for this. Florida has a considerable number of elderly residents. When older individuals sell their vehicles, it generates a buyer’s market since they are less likely to drive.

  1. The older population of Florida is also rather rich, and wealthy individuals typically sell their vehicles every two to three years.
  2. If you opt to purchase in Florida, you will have a diverse selection from which to pick.
  3. And because there are so many automobiles on the market, prices are reduced.
  4. If you’re looking for a secondhand pickup vehicle, such as a Ford F-150, it pays to utilize Shift.

Shift’s user-friendly website features a variety of vehicles situated around the country, all of which have been examined by technicians and are ready to drive. Additionally, Shift provides industry-leading service contracts for dependable driving year after year.