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How much does hcv full price outside insurance?

how much does hcv full price outside insurance
– The cost of hepatitis C treatment varies according on the type of medicine used. However, the price range for an 8- to 12-week course is $54,000 to $95,000 (or higher). A 12-week prescription of Zepatier, for instance, can cost up to $54,600, while a 12-week course of Harvoni can cost up to $94,500.

What are the costs associated with HCV?

HCV Antibody test is a blood test that detects the presence of Hepatitis C virus antibodies. This test may be conducted in any pathology laboratory using cutting-edge equipment and well calibrated tools. To test for the presence of HCV antibodies, a blood sample must be drawn from the patient’s vein.

City Average Price Starting Price Price Upto
Agra Rs.470.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.600.00
Ahmedabad Rs.954.00 Rs.500.00 Rs.2750.00
Ahmednagar Rs.596.00 Rs.100.00 Rs.950.00
Allahabad Rs.790.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.1450.00
Amritsar Rs.1060.00 Rs.400.00 Rs.5600.00
Anantapur Rs.289.00 Rs.200.00 Rs.450.00
Aurangabad Rs.636.00 Rs.500.00 Rs.850.00
Bangalore Rs.710.00 Rs.100.00 Rs.8500.00
Bardhaman Rs.500.00 Rs.350.00 Rs.900.00
Belgaum Rs.485.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.600.00
Bharuch Rs.725.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.1500.00
Bhavnagar Rs.480.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.800.00
Bhilai Rs.388.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.540.00
Bhopal Rs.710.00 Rs.350.00 Rs.1000.00
Bhubaneswar Rs.1128.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.2280.00
Bikaner Rs.535.00 Rs.450.00 Rs.600.00
Chandigarh Rs.495.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.800.00
Chennai Rs.795.00 Rs.200.00 Rs.3500.00
Chittoor Rs.271.00 Rs.100.00 Rs.800.00
Coimbatore Rs.701.00 Rs.500.00 Rs.950.00
Cuttack Rs.391.00 Rs.200.00 Rs.900.00
Darbhanga Rs.673.00 Rs.450.00 Rs.1230.00
Dhanbad Rs.372.00 Rs.200.00 Rs.450.00
Ernakulam Rs.420.00 Rs.350.00 Rs.825.00
Etawah Rs.750.00 Rs.500.00 Rs.1000.00
Faridabad Rs.869.00 Rs.400.00 Rs.1500.00
Ghaziabad Rs.796.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.1500.00
Guntur Rs.445.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.750.00
Gurgaon Rs.1018.00 Rs.480.00 Rs.1540.00
Guwahati Rs.841.00 Rs.400.00 Rs.2850.00
Gwalior Rs.713.00 Rs.150.00 Rs.1450.00
Haridwar Rs.441.00 Rs.200.00 Rs.1400.00
Hooghly Rs.644.00 Rs.400.00 Rs.1600.00
Howrah Rs.614.00 Rs.450.00 Rs.1450.00
Hyderabad Rs.671.00 Rs.120.00 Rs.3500.00
Indore Rs.712.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.1200.00
Jaipur Rs.940.00 Rs.500.00 Rs.1400.00
Jalandhar Rs.905.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.1500.00
Jamnagar Rs.420.00 Rs.200.00 Rs.700.00
Jamshedpur Rs.605.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.1100.00
Jodhpur Rs.590.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.800.00
Junagadh Rs.375.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.500.00
Kanpur Rs.778.00 Rs.400.00 Rs.1450.00
Kharar Rs.431.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.600.00
Kochi Rs.514.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.825.00
Kolhapur Rs.662.00 Rs.420.00 Rs.1050.00
Kolkata Rs.837.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.2000.00
Kota Rs.686.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.1450.00
Kurnool Rs.476.00 Rs.180.00 Rs.1100.00
Lucknow Rs.632.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.1500.00
Ludhiana Rs.645.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.1300.00
Madurai Rs.520.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.1450.00
Mangalore Rs.660.00 Rs.500.00 Rs.850.00
Meerut Rs.495.00 Rs.350.00 Rs.1000.00
Mehsana Rs.325.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.400.00
Mohali Rs.629.00 Rs.150.00 Rs.1200.00
Moradabad Rs.450.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.700.00
Mumbai Rs.676.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.1800.00
Muzaffarpur Rs.462.00 Rs.350.00 Rs.500.00
Mysore Rs.524.00 Rs.150.00 Rs.1300.00
Nadia Rs.430.00 Rs.150.00 Rs.600.00
Nagpur Rs.433.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.650.00
Nalgonda Rs.493.00 Rs.150.00 Rs.1500.00
Nashik Rs.641.00 Rs.500.00 Rs.1000.00
Navi Mumbai Rs.576.00 Rs.320.00 Rs.1000.00
Delhi Rs.1001.00 Rs.200.00 Rs.9500.00
Noida Rs.994.00 Rs.600.00 Rs.1500.00
Panchkula Rs.635.00 Rs.400.00 Rs.1400.00
Panjim Rs.438.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.600.00
Patiala Rs.389.00 Rs.200.00 Rs.650.00
Patna Rs.568.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.1300.00
Pondicherry Rs.361.00 Rs.200.00 Rs.600.00
Pune Rs.907.00 Rs.100.00 Rs.5500.00
Raipur Rs.674.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.1500.00
Salem Rs.587.00 Rs.200.00 Rs.1450.00
Secunderabad Rs.609.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.1800.00
Siliguri Rs.473.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.1450.00
Sirsa Rs.480.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.650.00
Solapur Rs.520.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.900.00
Srikakulam Rs.386.00 Rs.150.00 Rs.550.00
Srinagar Rs.432.00 Rs.150.00 Rs.1300.00
Surat Rs.522.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.1000.00
Thane Rs.770.00 Rs.200.00 Rs.1450.00
Thiruvananthapuram Rs.339.00 Rs.100.00 Rs.550.00
Tirupati Rs.372.00 Rs.150.00 Rs.1000.00
Udaipur Rs.500.00 Rs.400.00 Rs.600.00
Vadodara Rs.525.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.800.00
Valsad Rs.467.00 Rs.350.00 Rs.550.00
Varanasi Rs.640.00 Rs.400.00 Rs.900.00
Vellore Rs.543.00 Rs.250.00 Rs.850.00
Vijayawada Rs.370.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.500.00
Visakhapatnam Rs.708.00 Rs.300.00 Rs.1800.00
West Godavari Rs.375.00 Rs.200.00 Rs.600.00

Hepatitis C is one of the most frequent infectious liver diseases. The HCV virus is transmitted by contaminated blood. Patients are more prone to become infected following a blood transfusion error. Before transfusion, blood is checked for the presence of any infection.

  1. Infection with HCV might escape the observation of pathologists if the blood to be transfused is screened without suitable inspection procedures.
  2. Transfusion of contaminated blood will cause the virus to enter the bloodstream of a healthy recipient.
  3. The following are the signs of HCV infection: Hemorrhagic disposition Discoloration of the skin yellow Dark yellow urine Chronic digestive problems feculent stool If these symptoms are neglected for an extended period of time, liver cirrhosis, hepatic encephalopathy, ascites, and other diseases may develop.

These conditions might be deadly if not addressed quickly. As a reaction to the virus, people suffering from HCV infection produce antibodies. The antibodies repel the virus and attempt to limit the damage it may do. Positive or negative test results for the same might be found.

  • No number is employed to determine the quantity of antibodies.
  • A positive test result confirms the existence of HCV infection, but a negative test result does not always imply the absence of infection.
  • Negative test results are also possible if the patient was infected relatively recently and the immune system has not yet begun producing antibodies.

If the patient does not have a history of blood transfusion but still tests positive for HCV antibodies, he or she should be retested. In addition to the HCV antibody test, patients may be needed to undergo liver function blood tests and scans such as USG, MRI, and CT scans.

  1. HCV Antibody Test Frequently Asked Questions What are the results of the HCV Antibody test? A: Yellow staining of the skin and urine, a tendency to bleed, exhaustion, digestive difficulties, fever, and headaches are HCV Antibody test symptoms.
  2. How long after Hepatitis C virus infection do antibodies arise in the bloodstream? A.

Hepatitis C antibodies emerge in the blood around six months after infection. Which tissue sample is recommended for HCV Antibody testing? A: The only tissue sample utilized for HCV antibody testing is venous blood. How can one become infected with Hepatitis C? A: HCV infection is transmitted by close contact with the blood of an infected individual.

Harvoni – Harvoni is one of the latest generation of Hepatitis C medications. Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun, TNS, courtesy of Getty Images Cost: $87,800 Manufacturer: Gilead Sciences How it operates: In recent months, the price of this medication for hepatitis C has risen significantly.

  1. A 30-day supply costs $74,000, ranking it as the second most expensive medicine of 2016.
  2. Harvoni was priced at $87,800 at the time of publication, a $13,800 increase over 2016 prices.
  3. The price increase may be attributable to the drug’s extraordinarily high efficacy (because patients no longer require therapy after completing the 12- to 24-week supply).

In addition, it is frequently not required to be used with other medications, and users need just one pill each day, which has made it a popular option among physicians.

How much does an HCV test cost in India?

The least expensive HCV test in India is just 420. HCV Test Price in India and Lab Information.

Find HCV Test Labs & Book Appointment Price starting from
HCV Test Price in Other Cities of India ₹420