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How much is insurance for a ferrari 458?

how much is insurance for a ferrari 458
The average cost to insure a Ferrari is $5,377 per year, making it more than two and a half times more expensive than the average cost of car insurance in the U.S. Average annual cost of Ferrari insurance by model.

Model 2015 458 Spider Convertible
Value $245,715
Standard insurance company $5,140
Specialty insurer $5,186

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Is the Ferrari 458 Italia a worthwhile investment?

Should You Purchase The 458 Speciale Coupe Or The Aperta? – Via: Evo The 458 Speciale and the Speciale Aperta are both limited-production Ferrari models. Unlike the Speciale coupe, however, the Aperta is restricted to to 499 units. This makes it an even more attractive investment.

  • That does not mean the Speciale coupe is not sporty.
  • The 458 Speciale cost $288,000 without extras when it was new, whereas the Speciale Aperta cost $403,000.
  • Now, well equipped Speciale coupes may be purchased for around $400,000, according to the classified ads.
  • In contrast, the Speciale Aperta is approaching the $700,000 threshold.

In six years, the price has increased by about 80 percent from its original list price, making the investment a blue chip or even better, if you will. Via: Amarisupercars If we consider if the 458 Speciale’s price will rise or fall, the likelihood is that it will not be reduced very soon.

Given that Ferrari has already adopted turbocharging and hybridization, the likelihood of the brand introducing a naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari is remote. If they do (very improbable), costs for the 458 Speciale will decrease, but this is highly doubtful given Ferrari’s stubbornness and the fact that emissions regulations are becoming more strict every year.

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The 458 Speciale is unquestionably an investment, since about 3000 Speciale coupes have been sold with 499 Apertas, according to the internet. Given its rarity, purchasing the Speciale Aperta is a greater investment than purchasing the coupe. YouTube, CarAndDriver, and Dupont Registry are sources.

Since 2015, discussion has raged over whether or not Ferrari’s decision to equip its sports cars with turbochargers was a wise one. Everyone from magazine testers to armchair critics who have never gotten closer to either car than a YouTube video has weighed in, but now it appears that the people who truly count have provided us with an answer.

These individuals have sufficient funds to pick amongst the alternatives. And the prices of the Ferrari 458 and 488 indicate that naturally aspirated power is still highly valued. When compared to the costs of the early 458s, the Italia is significantly less expensive than the 488 because it is four or five years older.

If you’re willing to forego primary dealer assistance, you might purchase a 2011 458 for less than $155,000 in the United States or £120,000 in the United Kingdom, whereas the earliest customer 488s were 2016 models and started at $218,000 in the United States and £140,000 in the United Kingdom.

  • Examining the cost of 458s manufactured closer to the model transition makes the issue less obvious.
  • You would expect the newer, more powerful car to cost a big premium, yet even official Ferrari dealers selling certified pre-owned examples of both types of cars are sometimes charging more for the older, slower 458.
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Also see: Blu Elder 488 Pista Spider Demonstrates the Tailor Made Capabilities of Ferrari Ferrari 458: turbo-free zone For example, Ferrari dealer Stratstone in the United Kingdom is selling a certified pre-owned 2013 458 with 10,000 miles for $144,800.

  • A 2016 488 with only 7,300 kilometers is priced at £152,000 at the same dealership.
  • This appears to be a modest markup for a vehicle that is substantially newer and has less mileage.
  • We reached out to Stratstone for information but have not yet received a response.
  • Meanwhile, three other Ferrari dealers in the United Kingdom are selling 488s for less than £150,000, while Dick Lovett Swindon is asking £159,990 for a 2014 458 with 6384 miles on the odometer.

Moreover, an independent dealer informed us he had far more consumers interested in the older vehicle. In the United States, the most expensive 458 Italias cost around $210,000, while the least expensive 488s begin at approximately $220,000. It is important to note, however, that the value of an automobile might fluctuate according on the features and color chosen by the original owner.

Ferrari 488: greater power, less noise Want to discuss Speciale? The 458’s counterpart that is more durable, lighter, and quicker is an entirely other beast. US dealers are asking as much as $380,000 for the coupe and a ridiculous $690,000 for the Aperta convertible. The 458 debuted in 2010, and developed into the 488 in 2015.

There were minor adjustments to the exterior design, but the engine was the primary distinction. Ferrari replaced the aging normally aspirated F136 4.5-liter V8 with a new F154 3.9-liter V8 employing the turbo technology it debuted in the California T the previous year.

  1. The engine output of the 458 Italia’s replacement, the 488 GTB, increased dramatically, from 562 horsepower (570 horsepower) to 688 horsepower.
  2. Moreover, torque increased from 398 lb-ft (540 Nm) to 561 lb-ft (760 Nm).
  3. The 488 was quicker from a stoplight, and it was also significantly quicker in passing situations, while a nicely designed boost curve made it enjoyable to rev it to the redline.
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But not as much enjoyment, since the turbocharged engine’s sound was not nearly as exhilarating and its redline was 1,000 rpm lower. We’ve driven both and prefer the sound of the 458, despite the fact that the Ferrari’s turbocharged engine is incredibly addicting and the 458 is much simpler to live with and appreciate on a daily basis.

Is the Ferrari 458 a luxury vehicle?

Not the vehicle for you? From the ultra-lightweight, very fast exoskeletal Ariel Atom Supercharged to the legendary, Pininfarina-designed mid-engine Ferrari 458 Italia, we’re certain you’ll discover something that gets your blood pumping.