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How much is insurance for a mini cooper?

how much is insurance for a mini cooper
How Much More Expensive Is It to Insure a MINI Cooper Than Other Automobiles? – Compared to other automobile models and the average cost of insurance, MINI Cooper insurance costs are low. The annual average insurance premium for a MINI Cooper is $1,292, which is $135 less than the national average for all automobile types.

Is insurance for a mini expensive?

The majority of Minis fall inside the average auto insurance group, which makes them reasonably inexpensive to insure. The great majority have been assigned to the early and mid-teens and early 20s age groups, with a handful in the mid-30s age group.

What type of fuel does a MINI Cooper require? In general, it is advised that you fill your MINI Cooper with premium gas with an octane rating of 91 or above.

Does purchasing a Mini Cooper make sense?

Mini Cooper Cargo Capacity – The hardtop variants of the Mini Cooper give a reasonable amount of useful cargo space. The two-door hardtop provides 8.7 cubic feet of room behind the rear seats and 34 cubic feet when these seats are folded down. The four-door hardtop increases these capacities to 13.1 and 40.70 cubic feet, respectively.

This is sufficient space for a large load of groceries or the odd hefty item, such as a few moving boxes. However, the Mini’s load capacity is inferior to those of hatchbacks such as the Honda Civic and Mazda3. In this regard, the Mini Cooper convertible is exceptionally frugal. It has a trunk size of 7.6 cubic feet with the top up and 5.7 cubic feet with the top down.

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Even storing two carry-on bags might be difficult.

The 2021 MINI Cooper achieved the highest possible grade for safety from the IIHS, which was “good.” Here are some of the individual scores that comprise the MINI Cooper’s safety rating: Moderate Overlap Front Test Results: Acceptable. Good side impact test results.

Why is Mini Cooper insurance so expensive?

Elements Contributing to the Cost of Mini Cooper Insurance – Among the variables that contribute to the higher car insurance premiums for the Mini Cooper are: Replacement Value: The comparatively high replacement value of the vehicle, as insurance rates are proportional to the vehicle’s worth.

Foreign and expensive vehicles, such as the Mini, tend to have greater repair expenses, which in turn increases insurance premiums. The premiums for newer models are often greater. The average yearly insurance premium for a 2010 Mini Cooper is $1064 compared to $1276 for a comparable 2016 model. Your Age: The average annual premium for a Mini Cooper insurance is $1617 more expensive for a 20-year-old driver than for a 40-year-old driver because to the statistically increased likelihood of accidents among younger drivers.

Geographic Location: Living in a metropolis or densely populated area is frequently associated with higher rates than in small towns and sparsely inhabited regions. New York drivers pay around $778 more yearly for Mini Cooper insurance than Seattle drivers with the same make and model.

  1. Among the characteristics that contribute to the Mini Cooper’s cheaper vehicle insurance prices are: Antitheft Gadgets: Installing antitheft devices on your car will reduce your expenses.
  2. Enhanced Safety Features This vehicle’s numerous safety features also serve to reduce its price.
  3. Car Insurance Comparison reports that the 2020 Mini Cooper comes fitted with auto-leveling headlights, traction control, daytime running lights, electronic stability control, antilock disc brakes, and front and side airbags for the driver and front passenger.
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Safety Rating: The safety rating reduces the cost of insurance by decreasing the likelihood that your policy will have to pay a claim for injuries. According to Car Insurance Comparison, the Mini Cooper gets a four-star overall crash test rating from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, including four stars in the front, side, and rollover crash test categories.