How much is insurance on a 350z?

how much is insurance on a 350z
How Much Does Typical Nissan 350Z Insurance Cost? According to MoneyGeek, the average annual premium for comprehensive Nissan 350Z insurance is $1,197, or around $100 per month. The average annual cost of insurance is $1,427, thus Nissan 350Z drivers may save an average of $230 year on insurance.

Is the 350Z a suitable first automobile?

If driven carefully, the Nissan 350Z may be an adequate first automobile. The 350Z’s traction control, airbags, and stylish design all add to its suitability as a first automobile. Other problems, such as poor sight, limited passenger space, and the incentive to drive quickly, make it unsuitable.

Used Nissan 350Z Evaluation – 2003-2009 Maintenance, MPG, and Insurance Due to the 350Z’s high resale value and limited availability, you may have to pay a premium for the vehicle you choose. It will also be a costly enterprise to operate. According to the owner’s manual, the 350Z should be fueled with premium unleaded gasoline with a higher octane rating.

Are 350Z fast?

how much is insurance on a 350z 10/10 Engine And Power – source: wsupercars Despite its compact and rounded look, the 350Z conceals a formidable engine. The 350Z is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 that produces between 287 and 309 horsepower, depending on year and configuration. All of this means that the 350Z is powerful and capable enough to perform as the GT vehicle that Nissan first advertised it as, and it also means that the car can attain a 0-60 mph time of less than six seconds on its way to an electronically limited peak speed of 155 mph. how much is insurance on a 350z