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How much is insurance on a mini cooper?

how much is insurance on a mini cooper
Mini Cooper Insurance – Mini Cooper owners may be surprised by how simple it is to obtain reasonable auto insurance for this vehicle. Full coverage insurance for a Mini Cooper will cost around $1,276 per year, or $106 per month. Liability-only coverage for a Mini Cooper typically costs $511 per year, or $43 per month.

Numerous variables affect the cost of Mini Cooper motor insurance. The cost of the policy is decided mostly by the driver’s driving record and risk variables. However, additional factors affect the pricing. Identical policies in certain states are more expensive than those in others, despite the fact that the policies are identical.

In addition, the model year and manufacture of the vehicle have a substantial impact on the cost of insurance. The Mini Cooper auto insurance premium is determined by a number of criteria, including the model year of the vehicle, the driver’s age, and his or her driving record.
How Much More Expensive Is It to Insure a MINI Cooper Than Other Automobiles? – Compared to other automobile models and the average cost of insurance, MINI Cooper insurance costs are low. The annual average insurance premium for a MINI Cooper is $1,292, which is $135 less than the national average for all automobile types.

What is the cost of Mini Cooper insurance?

On average, Mini Cooper insurance costs $1,512 per year, or roughly $126 per month for a comprehensive policy. In terms of insurance affordability, the Mini Cooper is ranked 35th out of 41 compact SUVs; The trim level of the Mini Cooper 4-Door Hatchback with the least insurance rates costs an estimated $1,320 per year to insure; John Cooper Works is a luxury automobile.

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Why are Mini Coopers so expensive?

BMW, the premium owner of Mini, is responsible for higher prices for maintenance like oil changes. AxleAddict argues that the Mini Cooper’s demand for premium fuel contributes to its overall higher price tag. When a Cooper need repairs, they are typically more expensive.

The S Convertible Sidewalk Edition and the John Cooper Works Convertible are the most costly to insure at $1,682 per year. These trims will incur an annual premium increase of $300 above the least costly Hardtop 4-Door vehicle.