How much is rent insurance?

how much is rent insurance
The average cost of renters insurance through Progressive ranges from $14 to $30 per month, depending on your state, according to 2021 data from Progressive Home. Renters insurance rates are inexpensive and generally won’t vary as much as home insurance rates.

How much does Hawaii renters insurance cost?

Hawaii’s cheapest renters insurance rates – Liberty Mutual offers the cheapest renters insurance rates in Hawaii, with an average coverage costing $180 per year, or 21% less than the state average. In Hawaii, the average annual cost of renters insurance is $228, or $19 per month.

Allstate and Geico also provide inexpensive rates for renters. Both providers offer coverage that is 15% less expensive than Hawaii’s average. Hawaii renters insurance premiums vary dramatically amongst insurers. Progressive’s insurance is $12 more expensive per month than that of the lowest insurer, Liberty Mutual.

State Farm also provides renters insurance in Hawaii. However, it is not possible to compare prices online; Hawaii renters must call an agent for an estimate.

Is renters insurance necessary in Hawaii? – Renters insurance is not required in Hawaii, however it is strongly recommended. In general, premiums are low and offer protection against insured losses.

How much is Oahu renter’s insurance?

In Hawaii, the average yearly rate for renters insurance is $198, or $17 per month.

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What does Arizona renters insurance cover?

What Is Covered by Renters Insurance? – In Arizona, renters insurance often covers against fire, lightning, explosions, and water damage. Additionally, it protects you from theft, burglary, and vandalism. With our SUPERGOOD and ULTRAGOOD packages, which cost only a few dollars extra each month, Goodcover renters insurance may also cover accidental damage and loss.