How to verify tree service insurance?

how to verify tree service insurance
Particulars: For optimal protection, tree removal services should have both liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Most specialists will gladly offer evidence of insurance upon request. To verify that your contractor is covered, contact the insurance carrier.

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  • Sometimes yard labor demands a heavier lift, such as when your cherished century-old oak is split in half by a severe storm.
  • It will surely require more than a pair of tree shears to correct.

When this occurs, it is beneficial to contact a tree removal service. When contemplating a tree removal service, it is essential to confirm that the company holds adequate insurance to cover any accidents or damages that may occur on the job site. Accidents occur, and when they do, insurance will protect both individuals and their property.

How can you determine whether a Florida tree service is licensed and insured?

How to determine if a contractor is authorized to do repairs In the case of a natural catastrophe, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation urges customers to do background checks on anybody who may perform home or business repairs.

“Verifying a professional’s state-issued license with DBPR is one of the finest methods for consumers to safeguard their safety and financial security following a natural catastrophe. Floridians may prevent a natural disaster from becoming a financial disaster if they know what to do in the aftermath of a hurricane “Ken Lawson, DBPR secretary, stated.

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation requests that you visit their website or dial 850-487-1395 to check a contractor’s license. The Department of Business and Professional Regulation also has a mobile app that may be downloaded. “Florida is at a greater risk for storm-related damage to homes and businesses during hurricane season,” Lawson added.

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Do Florida tree services require a license?

Aside from a standard Occupational License, tree service firms are not obliged by law to have any specific licenses. Both Personal and Property Damage Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Insurance are crucial. A firm may have received a workers’ compensation exemption.