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How to write a dispute letter to insurance company?

how to write a dispute letter to insurance company
My name is and I am a policyholder of. I wish to file an appeal concerning denial of a claim for. I received an Explanation of Benefits dated stating.

How do I draft an insurance claim letter?

Date:_ From Name of the Insurance Claiming Person Address Email ID Contact No. To Name of the Person Designation Organization Name Address Insurance claim for the automobile Dear , I am writing to inquire about the status of my auto insurance claim. The number of my auto insurance policy is .

The following describes the vehicle collision in detail: On (day of incident), I parked my automobile in the parking lot in front of my office. There was a vehicle that attempted to park between two automobiles, but there was insufficient room, and it rear-ended my vehicle. The outcome was that the rear body was shattered.

I examined my insurance documents and determined that I am eligible to file a claim. I have visited with the insurance agent and filled the necessary paperwork. I was told you will contact me about insurance. In spite of repeated reminders over the last four days, I have not received any mail or phone calls from your firm discussing this situation.

How lengthy should a letter of appeal be?

How extensive must it be? Your letter should be succinct and no more than 500-800 words (or one to one-and-a-half pages), typed and single-spaced.