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The person who buys the insurance policy is the?

the person who buys the insurance policy is the
The policyholder is the owner of an insurance policy. Therefore, if you purchase an insurance policy under your own name, you are the policyholder and are protected by the policy’s provisions. You can add more persons to your insurance as the policyholder, depending on your connection with them.

Who is an insurer individual?

1. A person or organization that agrees to indemnify another in the case of loss or harm; an insurer.2. The individual or entity that insures.

Can Someone Buy a Life Insurance Policy in My Name Without Permission?

The English equivalents of policyholder are insured and policyholder.

The insurer is the policyholder, right?

As stated previously, the ‘insurer’ is responsible for estimating risks, offering insurance policies, and paying claims. The ‘insured’, on the other hand, refers to the individual(s) covered by the insurance policy.