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What is a pcn number for insurance?

what is a pcn number for insurance
The Processor Control Number (PCN) is a supplementary identification that may be used in the routing of pharmaceutical transactions. Using distinct PCNs, a PBM/processor/plan may choose to distinguish amongst several plans/benefit packages. As this identity is specific to their business needs, the PCN is determined by the PBM/processor.

There is no PCN registry. The PCN is specified as alphanumeric by the PBM/processor. According to the guidelines outlined in the NCPDP Pharmacy ID and Combination Card Implementation Guide, the PCN, together with the BIN/IIN, appears on the pharmacy ID card. This material is accessible to members of the NCPDP.

General information is provided under the “Pharmacy and Healthcare Identification Cards” category under Resource Topic- Guidance Documents. Not all entities differentiate plans using the PCN. Some entities may employ the Group ID, while others may not require this degree of distinction.

What are PCN details?

Main navigation – In Northern Ireland, Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) violation codes are a standard set of numeric numbers. These appear on every parking ticket (PCN) and bus lane ticket (PCN) with a description of the violation.