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What is mavyret treatment medication pricing disclosure on insurance?

Prices for Mavyret – A supply of 84 pills of Mavyret oral tablet (100 mg-40 mg) costs around $13,909, depending on the drugstore you visit. Prices are only applicable for cash-paying consumers; insurance policies are not accepted. This Mavyret cost guide is based on the use of the discount card, which is accepted at the majority of U.S. pharmacies.

What is insurance for speciality drugs?

How Prescription Drug Coverage Works: Formulary Tiers, PBM, Rebates, Spread-Pricing Explained

A speciality medicine is a prescription drug that is either a self-administered (non-diabetic) injectable medication, a pharmaceutical that requires particular handling, administration, or monitoring, or an expensive oral medication. Specialty drugs are used to treat patients with complicated and/or uncommon disorders; have unique dose, storage, and administration needs; and necessitate intensive patient care and monitoring (eg, transplant, oncology, MS, hepatitis).