What is the bin number on insurance card?

The NCPDP Processor ID Number (BIN) is a six-digit number that health plans can use to process electronic pharmacy claims if they do not use pharmacy benefit cards with a magnetic stripe.

What does PCN and bin mean?

New ID Cards Reflect Pharmacy Alterations Anthem is changing the pharmacy information on its ID cards to improve the pharmacy experience for their members. Beginning in October 2018 and lasting until April 1, 2019, your clients will receive a new ID card upon renewal.

  • Groups due to renew between May 2019 and October 1, 2019 will receive a replacement ID card in February and March 2019.
  • Pharmacy alterations New BIN and PCN numbers (used for processing prescription medication claims) and toll-free numbers for Pharmacy Member Services will appear on the new ID card.
  • These modifications will assist link members and pharmacists to the appropriate support when they have queries regarding prescription medication coverage.

The updated totals are: New BIN: 020099 New PCN: (833) 253-4446 IS Pharmacy Member Services Even if there are no changes to their benefits during their plan’s usual renewal term, the majority of members (about 85%) will receive new cards. The remaining participants will get a card with the updated numbers during the first quarter of 2019, outside of their plan’s normal renewal cycle, followed by a second card when their plan renews to reflect any relevant benefit adjustments.

Consequently, some members will receive two ID cards during the same calendar year. Anthem is attempting to make these modifications as unobtrusive as possible, thus the present BIN and PCN codes will continue to function. However, it is imperative that members immediately discard their old card and begin using the new one with the updated numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions About this modification Why is Anthem modifying the pharmaceutical information on ID cards? Anthem is replacing Pharmacy BIN and PCN numbers with new BIN and PCN numbers held by Anthem. By controlling these statistics, Anthem can better control when and how they are utilized and become less dependent on third-party providers.

In addition, they are introducing a new toll-free line for Pharmacy Member Services and changing the present number for Pharmacist Questions to Help for Pharmacists. These enhancements will assist members and pharmacists in locating the appropriate support. How do BIN and PCN numbers work? All pharmacies employ BIN and PCN identifiers for prescription medicine claims processing.

The BIN number indicates to the pharmacy’s computer database which health insurance provider should receive the prescription claim. The PCN number is a secondary identification used for claims routing. Can my customers opt out of these modifications? No, these modifications are required, and they will facilitate a seamless transition for members and ensure their access to prescription medication coverage.

Why is Anthem adding a pharmacy-specific Member Services toll-free number? Anthem launched a distinct member toll-free line to divert pharmacy-related calls more quickly to a specialized Pharmacy Member Services staff. This number indicates that pharmacy specialists will assist members with issues regarding their prescription medication coverage.

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It will also minimize consumer effort in seeking assistance, a metric Anthem uses to gauge member happiness. While a new pharmacy toll-free number will be displayed, members will still be able to receive answers to their pharmacy-related inquiries via the Member Services line.

Is PCN equivalent to bin?

Article Synopsis: The BIN, PCN, and GRP numbers are essential identifiers for your health insurance. The BIN number identifies your insurance carrier, the PCN number is a secondary number for claims routing, and the GRP number identifies your workplace.

  1. These numbers are used by health care professionals and pharmacies to make insurance claims when you obtain prescriptions or services.
  2. One cannot quantify one’s health.
  3. On your health insurance card, you can locate a number of phone numbers.
  4. The American healthcare system may be complex and perplexing.

We are here to assist you with the specifics. Continue reading to discover about all the digits on your health insurance card.

What may a bin number be used for?

Bank Identification Numbers are the first four to six digits of a cardholder’s number. It will identify both the primary industry in which the card is used and the card issuer. MII (Major Industry Identifier) is the first number on the card and distinguishes banking cards from other cards.

  1. The majority of cards you face on a daily basis will begin with a 3, 4, 5, or 6.
  2. These are the numbers reserved for usage by banks and other financial institutions.
  3. There are different types of playing cards.
  4. Cards beginning with 1 or 2 are generally intended for usage in the aviation sector.
  5. Cards beginning with seven are employed in the petroleum sector.

Cards beginning with the number 8 are employed in the healthcare and telecommunications industries. Finally, cards beginning with a 9 or 0 are kept aside for assignment by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) or other national standards organizations.

Once the key industry is recognized, it should be simple to identify the card issuer, particularly if it is a big issuer. Visa’s IIN range encompasses all BINs beginning with 4. The American Express IIN range includes BINs beginning with 34 and 37. Mastercard’s IIN range includes BINs beginning with 2221-2720 and 51-55.

The Discover Card IIN range includes all BINs beginning with 6011, 622126 – 622925, 624000 – 626999, 628200 – 628899, 64, or 65. Due to the nature of BINs, there is a finite number of 4-6-digit BINs. As issuers run out of configuration options, they are beginning to develop 8-digit BINs.

  1. This would not affect the length of the PAN (Primary Account Number), but it would affect the length of the remaining digits used to identify individual accounts.
  2. Visa and Mastercard have already begun the shift to 8-digit BINs, with all Visa BINs assigned after April 2022 consisting of eight digits.
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However, relevant PCI Compliance requirements have not been modified to suit this adjustment. PCI DSS compliance rules now permit just the first six and last four digits of a PAN to be disclosed. The implementation of 8-digit BINs might result in enterprises losing access to BINs for commercial activities.

What does PCN on an insurance card stand for?

The Processor Control Number (PCN) is a supplementary identification that may be used in the routing of pharmaceutical transactions. Using distinct PCNs, a PBM/processor/plan may choose to distinguish amongst several plans/benefit packages. As this identity is specific to their business needs, the PCN is determined by the PBM/processor.

There is no PCN registry. The PCN is specified as alphanumeric by the PBM/processor. According to the guidelines outlined in the NCPDP Pharmacy ID and Combination Card Implementation Guide, the PCN, together with the BIN/IIN, appears on the pharmacy ID card. This material is accessible to members of the NCPDP.

General information is provided under the “Pharmacy and Healthcare Identification Cards” category under Resource Topic- Guidance Documents. Not all entities differentiate plans using the PCN. Some entities may employ the Group ID, while others may not require this degree of distinction.

What is a Rx Bin number for Cigna?

August 10, 2022 | By Rene Gonzalez | California When customers enroll in health insurance for the first time, change health plans (at any time), or switch insurance providers, they may suffer a delay in receiving pharmacy benefits. This is due to the short administrative period required by the health plan to process such changes.

  • In this case, members may utilize their plan’s Rx BIN and PCN numbers to access pharmacy benefits while they wait for their new health plan ID cards.
  • The Rx BIN number is a six-digit number used to handle electronic pharmacy claims by health insurance.
  • The PCN (Processor Control Number) identifies the pharmacy benefit processor or Pharmacy Benefit Manager for each health plan (PBM).

The table below displays the Rx BIN Numbers and PCNs for California Small Group Health Plans per carrier. During this brief transition period, your clients may be able to utilize this information, if necessary, to acquire prescriptions.

Rx BIN Number PCN
Aetna Rx BIN: 610502 Rx Group: Aetna PCN: 00670000
Anthem Blue Cross Rx BIN: 020099 PCN: IS
Blue Shield of California Rx BIN: 004336 PCN: 77993333
Chinese Community Health Plan Rx BIN: 003585 Rx PCN: ASPROD1
Cigna + Oscar Rx BIN: 003858 PCN: A4
Health Net Rx BIN: 004336 PCN: HNET
Kaiser Permanente – Northern CA HMO Rx BIN: 3585 Rx Group: Not Required Tax ID: 94-1340523 Medicare Part D Rx BIN: 11842 Rx Group: NC Tax ID: 94-1340523 COB Address P.O. Box 7012 Downey, CA 90242 Rx PCN for MMA: NCCMS Rx PCN for HDHP: NCHDP Rx PCN for HMO: 70000
Kaiser Permanente – Southern CA HMO Rx BIN: 3585 Rx Group: Not Required Tax ID: 94-1340523 Medicare Part D Rx BIN: 11172 Rx Group: SC Tax ID: 94-1340523 COB Address P.O. Box 7012 Downey, CA 90242 Rx PCN for MMA: SCCMS Rx PCN for HDHP: SCHP Rx PCN for HMO: 70000
MediExcel Health Plan MediExcel Health Plan is a cross-border health plan. Members must obtain prescriptions at contracted pharmacies in Mexico. MediExcel Health Plan does not contract with any pharmacy in the U.S. MediExcel Health Plan will reimburse members for prescriptions obtained as direct result of an Emergency or Urgent Care Service in the U.S. minus their copay amount.
Nippon Life Rx BIN: 004336 PCN: ADV
Sharp Health Plan Rx BIN: 004336 PCN: ADV
Sutter Health Plus Rx BIN: 004336 Rx Group: Rx21CQ PCN: ADV
Total Benefit Solutions (Aetna International) 610502 (Aetna) PCN: 00670000
United Healthcare HMO Rx Vendor: OPTUMRx Rx BIN: 610279 Rx PCN: 9999 Rx Grp: UHCNICE Service Number: 800-788-7871
United Healthcare PPO Rx Vendor: OPTUMRx Rx Bin: 610279 Rx PCN: 9999 Rx Grp: UHC Service Number: 800-788-7871
United Healthcare PPO (Large Group) Rx Vendor: OPTUMRx Rx Bin: 610279 Rx PCN: 9999 Key Accounts Rx Grp: UHEALTH Service Number: 800-788-7871
Western Health Advantage Rx Vendor: OptumRx Rx BIN 610011 PCN: IRX
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Why are BINs important?

How Do BINs Work? – The Bank Identification Number on a credit card offers authorisation and fraud protection information. BINs assist businesses in identifying and validating crucial transaction data, such as the issuing bank’s address and phone number.

  • BINs function by identifying the issuer that should receive the authorisation request for the transaction.
  • The issuer then responds with information on the account’s validity and the availability of sufficient funds to complete the transaction.
  • All of these procedures occur in the background during card transactions, and it only takes a few seconds to validate all the pertinent information with the issuing bank, which might be hundreds of miles away.

You may check the information included in a BIN using an online database, which contains, among other things, the credit card brand, type, issuing bank, and bank network.

What credit card type begins with the number 5524?

Review Of Insurance Cards

Bank of America Mastercard Credit Cards – IIN 552426

Card Scheme Mastercard
IIN 552426
Card Number 5524 26XX XXXX XXXX
Bank Phone (800) 250-6628
Bank Country United States

How do I use my BIN card at a retail store?

Bin cards are printed cards used to track the inventory of goods in businesses. A bin card is a quantitative record of each item’s receipts, issues, and closing balance. For each item, individual bin cards are maintained.