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What to say to insurance adjuster after car accident?

what to say to insurance adjuster after car accident
This is the most important thing to keep in mind when communicating with the adjuster, from which the following tips flow.

  • Remain calm and respectful.
  • Identify the Person With Whom You Speak.
  • Provide Minimal Personal Information.
  • Do Not Describe the Accident.
  • Do Not Describe Your Injuries.
  • Take Notes.

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How do I inform the adjuster that my injury is still being treated?

Refuse to Provide Recorded Statements – Many claims adjusters immediately pressure you to provide a tape-recorded statement or ask casually if they can record your phone conversation, claiming it will protect you in the future. Do not consent to any conversation being recorded.

You are not required by law to be recorded, and it is illegal for an adjuster to record you without your consent. The reason you should refuse is that most people tense up when they know they are being recorded, and they may forget to say important things or could describe things clumsily or incompletely.

A verbal statement or conversation is almost never as precise and comprehensive as the subsequent correspondence you will send to the insurance company. In addition, recordings are given disproportionate weight as evidence of what occurred. It can be nearly impossible later to correct or expand on what you have said in a recording.

You only need to provide the insurance adjuster with basic information, such as your full name, address, and phone number. You can also inform them of your occupation and place of employment. But at this point, you are no longer required to explain or discuss your work, schedule, income, medical/injury history, or anything else.

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Should I vent my rage against the insurance adjuster?

Remain Calm and Courteous You may not know how or when an insurance adjuster’s goodwill will pay off, such as in promptly processing your claim or believing your version of a difficult-to-prove issue, so it is always best to maintain your composure and professionalism.