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Which of the following best describes term life insurance?

which of the following best describes term life insurance
Which of the following defines term life insurance most accurately? – The insured pays an annual premium for a certain number of years.

What is the definition of insurance?

Term insurance is a form of life insurance that provides financial protection for a certain time period. In the event that the insured dies within the policy’s term, the firm will pay the death benefit to the beneficiary.

Unlike permanent life insurance, which normally provides lifetime protection, term life insurance coverage typically expires if you outlive the term. The sole exception is if your term insurance is renewable or convertible, allowing you to maintain coverage without purchasing a new policy as long as you fulfill the conversion or renewal requirements of your conversion policy. which of the following best describes term life insurance

How does term insurance operate and what is it?

What is term insurance? – Term insurance is a life insurance policy that provides only protection. It provides coverage for a certain time period for a predetermined price. In the event of a misfortune occurring within this period, the insurance guarantees a certain amount.

Is permanent life insurance superior to term insurance? – Whole life has many advantages over term life insurance: it is permanent, it includes a cash value investment component, and it offers more opportunities to protect your family’s finances over the long term.