How Can A Pharmacy Technician Become A Pharmacist?

How Can A Pharmacy Technician Become A Pharmacist
There are a lot of pharmacy technicians that have the potential to become outstanding pharmacists since they already have a number of the abilities that are necessary to go into a profession that is more clinically oriented. Technicians may be tempted to explore retraining in order to become pharmacists since the profession offers better work prospects, more job stability, and higher income.

  • However, there is no standard or generally recognized path to move from technician to pharmacist, and the financial, academic, and lifestyle hurdles can be difficult to surmount.
  • Moreover, there is no standard or generally acknowledged path to progress from technician to pharmacist.
  • At this time, obtaining a degree in pharmacy that lasts for five years (including the time spent in preregistration training) is the only route to enter the field of pharmacy.

The technician must have a valid level 3 science background in order to meet the entry requirements for this course. The majority of the time, this will consist of attaining A-levels in chemistry and biology or achieving distinctions in ‘Access to Science’ course modules that focus nearly entirely on chemistry and biology.

How can a pharmacy technician become a pharmacist in Nigeria?

Step 4: Join the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) If you want to become a pharmacist in Nigeria, you are required to take part in the National Youth Service Corp as one of the steps along the way. It is a program that was established by the government of Nigeria under decree No.24 of the 22nd May 1973 in an effort to repair, reconcile, and rebuild the country following the Nigerian Civil war.

The decree that established the program may be seen here. This time period is referred to as the national service year. You are obligated to serve your country during the mandatory national service year that lasts for one year. PCN is not responsible for deciding the state in which you will be assigned or your primary assignment location; rather, NYSC is in charge of making such decisions.

When your time with the NYSC is up, you are free to pursue a career in pharmacy in any capacity, wherever you want to do so in the United States. Check out our articles on basic admission requirements for studying pharmacy in Nigeria, accredited universities for pharmacy programmes in Nigeria, the pharmacy curriculum and core courses of pharmacy, career opportunities for pharmacists in Nigeria, the procedure for registering pharmacists in Nigeria, and the pharmacist’s salary now that you have read how to become a pharmacist in 4 steps.

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How much is a pharmacy technician paid in Nigeria?

Comparative Analysis of Pharmacy Technician Salaries Based on Gender – The proportion of male and female Pharmacy Technicians is depicted here using a pie chart. As can be seen, the shade of gold denotes the proportion of the population that is female, whilst the shade of green denotes the percentage of the population that is male.

How much does a pharmaceutical technologist earn in Nigeria?

Be sure to check your Pay Slip The majority of people who work as Pharmaceutical technicians and assistants may expect to earn a salary that ranges from $19,158 to $79,830 per month by the year 2022. At the beginning of their careers, pharmaceutical technicians and assistants often bring in a net salary that ranges from 19,158 to 58,197 dollars per month.

How can a non pharmacist open a pharmacy in Nigeria?

2. Instructions on How to Register Your Pharmacy with the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN) – In order to do this, there will be two steps. Finding a place that is appropriate for the development of your pharmacy and obtaining permission to do so is the first step.

Stage 2: the primary registration Finding a site that is appropriate actually constitutes the majority of the tension. This is due to the fact that you need to be very watchful in order to avoid violating the conditions that are required for a location approval, which are stated as follows: a business must be located in an environment that is easily accessible, and it should also be situated in an area that is likely to attract potential customers or patients.

In addition, the business should be situated in an area that is likely to attract potential customers or patients.

  1. It must be at least 30 square meters in size for retail, 50 square meters in size for wholesale, and include a warehouse for imported items as well as an office. It is required that the ceiling height be at least 3.05 meters.
  2. The distance between the property and the closest registered pharmacy shall not exceed 200 meters.
  3. It is not allowed for the location to be in a market place, a motor park, or any other setting in which commercial activities and businesses are located in close proximity to one another. Two years after receiving formal notification to do so from PCN, any pharmaceutical facilities that are totally encircled or covered by an expanding market are required to be relocated to a different location.
  4. There can never be more than two or three stores in a plaza.
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After you have made certain that your chosen site has not breached any of the requirements outlined in the previous paragraphs, you are then able to go forward with the process by sending PCN the documentation detailed in the following paragraphs:

  • Submit an application to register your new business location.
  • Forms B and J, filled out and sent
  • The Company’s Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Incorporation
  • Original or Certified True Copy of Form CO7, which must include the Pharmacist Director’s Name.
  • bank draft payment equivalent to the appropriate charge (the fee will be communicated to you at their office and can be paid online too through remita)
  • the report of the inspection (From DPS or PIC)
  • The Most Recent Yearly Renewal of the Pharmacist Director’s License to Practice
  • a resignation letter together with an acceptance of the resignation from the prior employer of the Pharmacist the company had previously employed
  • Particulars of the Company’s Initially Appointed Directors
  • Certificate of Release from NYSC Obligation for New Pharmacist

Please take note that PCN will be the one to provide all of the paperwork. This article does not provide the required charge because we do not want to raise your expectations about the cost, which might fluctuate over time. There is a possibility that the amount that is being charged as of the time of this article will be adjusted within the next two months.

I have made the decision to waive the cost so as to avoid giving the impression that we provided incorrect information or, even worse, causing you to be dissatisfied. I really hope that you get it. Your application will be evaluated, and the appropriate action will be taken. You will be handed some documentation if all goes according to plan, which is something I wish will happen.

Please also take notice that you will need to renew your license every year. After reaching this point, you will be able to begin stocking your pharmacy and generating income. Please Read in Full: Procedures to Follow in Order to Register with the Pharmacists’ Council of Nigeria At this point, the task of the pharmacist you engaged to register your premise for you has come to a stop; nonetheless, it will still be prudent for you to keep him or her, or at the very least to have a close touch with each other in case any of you has to.