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How Can You Lose Your Pharmacy Technician License?

How Can You Lose Your Pharmacy Technician License
Being a Pharmacist is a challenging line of work to be in. You have been given a significant amount of duty to ensure that your patients are safe and are receiving the degree of care that has been recommended for them. This high degree of responsibility also comes with its own set of criteria, which, if not met, might result in the revocation of your license.

If you are diligent, you can avoid this consequence. A pharmacy technician’s license in the state of California might be revoked for a variety of reasons, including a mistake on the job, a marital quarrel, or even driving under the influence of alcohol. Your career might be in peril despite the fact that you may be a fully qualified pharmacist; nonetheless, all it takes is a single occasion in which your judgment was not as sound as it should have been in order to put your professional standing in jeopardy.

This is the post for you if you are at risk of losing your Pharmacy license or if you have already lost your license. If you are going to, here is how to start the process of getting your license reinstated:

How do I reinstate my pharmacy technician license in Illinois?

You must completed a national certified exam within the 2-year window to renew your license. Candidates must apply to the Illinois State Board of Pharmacy. Include a passport photo with your application; and application must be notarized. Non-refundable application fee: $60.00.

Can you be a pharmacy tech with a DWI in Texas?

DUIs Affect Certification – Although a certification is not the same thing as a license, the NHA cautions that applicants who have pled guilty to or been convicted of a drug-related offense cannot sit for certification. Those who have a nondrug-related offense that is at least seven years old can apply to take the exam, and the NHA will assess the specific case.

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How do you count drugs?

Count the quantity of pills that are in the bottle after you dose. Write the concluding total in the slot labeled A, for ‘After’. Do not let others count the drugs for you. Do not allow anyone write the before and after counts on the MAR for you.

What does it mean to reinstate on PTCB?

Certificants who successfully reinstate their certification are returned to active status and can continue utilizing their PTCB credentials and certification marks. Certificants who reinstate will be updated in the PTCB verification database and a certificate will be accessible to download and print.

Can pharmacy technicians recommend OTC products?

Can Pharmacy Technicians Recommend OTC Products? – Again, as a pharmaceutical tech, you are not qualified or licensed to counsel consumers with regard to pharmaceuticals (including over the counter drugs and diet supplements) and their use. In the case of OTC pharmaceuticals (over the counter), occasionally clients need basic information that is readily available on the OTC box.

  1. For example, a consumer could inquire what an analgesic is, what ‘enteric-coated’ means, whether other brands are available, or other typical queries that can be securely addressed without directing the customer to the pharmacist.
  2. Again, there is considerable leeway on the topic.
  3. You can teach patients according to the clearly-printed directions on the bottle.

Make it clear that you are referring to the directions printed by the manufacturer, and individual use may vary according to a doctor’s advice. You are permitted to answer simple questions, including whether or not a drug has to be taken with food. Use your best judgment to decide whether a particular enquiry from a client surpasses the limits of conventional pharmacological knowledge.