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How Much Do Traveling Pharmacy Techs Make?

How Much Do Traveling Pharmacy Techs Make
Even after several years of experience, there are not many opportunities for increased pay or advancement for travel pharmacy technicians because the average pay range for this position is relatively stable (around $33,500), suggesting that there are not many opportunities for increased pay or advancement regardless of location.

What is the local salary for a pharmacy technician?

SEE MORE SALARIES FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS – Pharmacy technicians are responsible for a variety of tasks, including labeling, counting, dispensing, and mixing prescription medications while working under the supervision of a pharmacist. These individuals may also be responsible for answering the telephone, ensuring that medications are kept in the appropriate conditions, prepacking bulk drugs, pricing completed prescriptions, and filing them.

  • They may also respond to basic inquiries from customers.
  • In addition, pharmacy technicians may be responsible for the receipt and storage of incoming supplies and inventories.
  • They are also tasked with checking that the amounts of drugs and supplies match the bills.
  • A degree from an accredited college or university is often necessary for employment in this field, however this is not always the case.

Depending on the amount of experience a Pharmacy Technician has, their income might range anywhere from $25,400 to $50,430 per year on average. should expect an annual salary of around thirty-six thousand four hundred and fifty dollars on average. pay scales an average of around $47,620 in the state of California, which is where they make the greatest money.

  1. Those who hold this job title have the potential to earn the greatest earnings in the field of Public Administration, which offers pay scales averaging $46,210 annually.
  2. The following chart depicts the distribution of wages across the nation.
  3. Please choose your state if you would like to see local Pharmacy Technician wages overlaid on top of the national average.
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The following sectors are often those in which pharmacy technicians earn the greatest money: In most cases, those working in the following fields make less money:

How much do certified pharmacy technicians make in Florida?

The average yearly compensation of a pharmacy technician in the state of Florida is $34,880, which is less than the average annual salary across the US. You may anticipate earning an hourly pay of $16.77 if you decide to pursue a job that only requires you to work part time.

What industry is a pharmacy technician?

The Working Conditions About this section – Pharmacy technicians work largely in pharmacies, including the pharmacies found in grocery shops and medicine stores, as well as in hospitals. In the year 2020, there were around 419,300 people employed as pharmacy technologists. The following are some of the most significant employers employing pharmacy technicians:

Pharmacies and drug stores 50%
Hospitals; state, local, and private 17
Food and beverage stores 10

Pharmacy technicians are required to spend the most of their workdays standing.

How much does a CVS pharmacy tech make Florida?

What is the average salary for a Certified Pharmacy Technician working for CVS Health in the state of Florida? – The hourly wage for a CVS Health Certified Pharmacy Technician in the state of Florida is roughly $12.30, which is 27% less than the average hourly wage throughout the US.

The information on salaries was derived from 14 different data sources, all of which were gathered directly from workers, users, and both previous and existing job adverts posted on Indeed during the last 36 months. Please be aware that the wage amounts presented here are estimates derived on the submissions made by third parties to Indeed.

Indeed users are provided with these numbers just for the purpose of engaging in comparative analysis on a broad scale. It is recommended that you speak with the employer in order to obtain accurate compensation data because the minimum wage may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.