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How Much Does A Pharmacy Tech Make In Ca?

How Much Does A Pharmacy Tech Make In Ca
How much money do pharmacy technicians make in the state of California? – The salary that is received by a pharmacy technician working in the state of California is thirty percent more than the typical salary that is received by pharmacy technicians working in other parts of the country.

What is the average salary in California?

To summarize, the state of California has a theoretically average pay of 111,622 dollars per year. However, the median income can offer a far more realistic view of the situation since it eliminates the most extreme outliers from the data. As a result, the median wage in the state of California is $78,672 a year.

How much do dentist assistants make in California?

How much money do PHARMACY TECHNICIANS make?!

How much does one get paid to work as a dental assistant in the state of California? The range of salaries for Dental Assistants in California normally lies between $ 37,440 and $ 48,190, while the average compensation for this position is $ 46,060 ($22.15 per hour) as of the year 2021.

How much do pharmacists make in California hourly?

Average base salary In the state of California, a pharmacist may expect an hourly wage of $62.57 on average.1. As of the 23rd of August in 2022, 3,000 wages were recorded.

How much does a new pharmacist make in California?

There are now 33,300 pharmacists employed in the state of California, and it is anticipated that their career opportunities will increase at a pace of 6.01% from 2018 to 2028. The state of California offers an annual salary of $146,070 to its pharmacists on average. The Typical Income of a Pharmacist in the State of California

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Type Average Salary
Monthly Salary $12,170
Annual Salary $146,070