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How Much Does A Pharmacy Tech Make In Michigan?

How Much Does A Pharmacy Tech Make In Michigan
The average annual income for pharmacy technicians in Michigan An annual pay of around $36,590 is considered to be the norm for pharmacy technicians working in the state of Michigan.

How much do pharmacy techs make at CVS in Michigan?

What is the salary range for a Pharmacy Technician at CVS Health in the state of Michigan? – The hourly wage for CVS Health Pharmacy Technicians in Michigan is roughly $16.21, which is equal to the average hourly wage throughout the US. The information on salaries comes from 486 data points that were gathered directly from workers, users, and both historical and existing job adverts on Indeed over the course of the last 36 months.

Please be aware that the wage amounts presented here are estimates derived on the submissions made by third parties to Indeed. Indeed users are provided with these numbers just for the purpose of engaging in comparative analysis on a broad scale.

It is recommended that you speak with the employer in order to obtain accurate compensation data because the minimum wage may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

How much do hospital pharmacy techs make in Michigan?

What is the average salary of a Pharmacy Technician in the state of Michigan? – In the state of Michigan, a pharmacy technician can expect to make an average hourly wage of $16.91. 886 salaries recorded, updated at August 21, 2022.

Does Michigan require pharmacy technicians to be certified?

At the moment, getting a license to work as a pharmacy technician in the state of Michigan does not include enrolling in a standardized training program first. On the other hand, the information and abilities that are taught throughout authorized programs have the potential to assist graduates in passing the PTCB exam and provide them with an advantage over other pharmacy technicians competing for jobs.

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How much does CVS pay an hour in Michigan?

Cashier Compensation at CVS in Michigan

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $37,507 $18
75th Percentile $28,130 $14
Average $34,941 $17
25th Percentile $20,539 $10


How much do registered dental assistants make in Michigan?

How much does one get paid to work as a dental assistant in the state of Michigan? The range of salaries for dental assistants in Michigan is normally between $ 30,000 and $ 47,180, while the average annual wage for this position is $ 39,680 ($19.08 per hour) as of the year 2021.

The wage ranges for dental assistants can vary greatly depending on a broad variety of key aspects, such as the level of education, certifications, and other skills possessed, in addition to the number of years of experience.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics was responsible for gathering all of the aforementioned data, and it is current as of May 2021.

Are pharmacists in demand in Michigan?

The Michigan Metropolitan Area: A Guide to Wages and Employment (2021) Because these cities provide services to a sizable population, there is a high need for pharmacists, and each year, these cities recruit the most pharmacists of any in the state: 4,090.

How do I become a pharmacist in Michigan?

You are required to get a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from a pharmacy school in Michigan that has been approved by the ACPE in order to become a licensed pharmacist. We have ranked the institutions in the state according to how well they did on the NAPLEX test so that you may make an informed decision.