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How To Get A Job As A Pharmacy Tech?

How To Get A Job As A Pharmacy Tech
The Steps Necessary to Obtain a Job in a Pharmacy

  1. Sign up for a training program to become a pharmacy technician.
  2. Send out your resume for possible internships and/or externships.
  3. Conduct research on available roles in the government, hospitals, and retail businesses.
  4. Finish the training program you’ve been doing, then start looking for work.

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How do I become a pharmacy technician at Walgreens?

To summarize, you need to be at least 18 years old, have completed high school, and, preferably, enroll in and graduate from an approved pharmacy technician program in order to be adequately prepared for a job as a pharmacy technician. Employment in the majority of the nation’s largest drugstore chains necessitates possession of a PTCB certification.

  • Knowledge of the interview process will help you boost your chances of getting recruited at major pharmacy chains like CVS Health or Walgreens;
  • The application procedure for these types of pharmacies is lengthy and involves several phases;

This will increase your chances of landing a profession that is not only steady but also challenging and gratifying as a nationally certified Drugstore Technician at one of the most reputable pharmacy chains.