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How To Get Certified For Pharmacy Technician?

How To Get Certified For Pharmacy Technician
The straightforward solution to the question of how to become a certified pharmacy technician is to get your CPhT certificate by successfully completing the examination required for that certification. The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and the National Healthcareer Association are the two organizations that are now authorized to provide CPhT examinations (NHA).

How often is the PTCB exam offered?

In order to keep their current status, Certified Pharmacy Technicians are required to recertify every two years. Read on for more ».

How long does it take to get Ptcb results?

It usually takes around three weeks after the date of your exam for official score results to become available. PTCB is unable to speed up the processing of either the certification information or the exam results.

Do you need a license to be a pharmacy technician in New York?

HOW TO BECOME A CERTIFIED PHARMACY TECHNICIAN | 2020-2021 | Pharmacy Technician Tips

In the state of New York, obtaining a license is necessary in order to utilize the job title “registered pharmacy technician.”.