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How To Get Pharmacy Technician License In California?

How To Get Pharmacy Technician License In California
Has either a diploma from high school or a general equivalency diploma (GED). Must have either successfully finished a training program or have a minimum of 12 months of experience working in a pharmacy, both of which must have been earned within the preceding 36 months of the application date.

What is the fee for pharmacy technician license in California?

Fee Schedule

Original Application Type Fee Effective 4/1/2020 Effective 7/1/2021
Pharmacist Licensure Exam $285. 00 $285. 00
Advanced Practice Pharmacist $300. 00 $300. 00
Pharmacy $570. 00 $570. 00
Pharmacy Technician $195. 00 $195. 00


Do pharmacy techs need a license in California?

The Pharmacy Technician Licensing and Certification Board of the State of California has developed the processes that must be followed in order to get certified. It is required that you hold a valid pharmacy technician license in the state of California if you wish to work in the field of pharmacy technology.

How do I open a pharmacy in California?

In the state of California, can just about anyone own a pharmacy? Nope! Register as a Professional Corporation Pharmacy proprietors in California are required to run their businesses under the auspices of a Professional Corporation rather than an LLC due of legal restrictions (limited liability company).

  1. The application must be submitted to the office of the Secretary of State;
  2. It is possible to submit your application in person, online, or through the mail, but there is a charge associated with each method;

More stringent licensing requirements are imposed on professional companies, in comparison to those imposed on conventional enterprises operating as LLCs.

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How much does it cost to renew a California pharmacist license?

Renewal Fees: $527 ($505 renewal cost + $22 CURES charge for an active license) if submitting before the expiration date, or $495 ($505 renewal fee plus $22 CURES fee for an inactive license). Combined Renewal and Delinquency Fees: $677 ($505 for the renewal price, $22 for the CURES charge for an active license, and $150 for the delinquency fee) if the license has been expired for an extended period of time.