What Does A Pharmacy Technician Do At Cvs?

What Does A Pharmacy Technician Do At Cvs
The Job Description and Responsibilities of a CVS Pharmacy Technician Include the Following: Pharmacy technicians at CVS are entrusted with a variety of significant tasks. Pharmacy technicians work closely with licensed pharmacists throughout the day to ensure that patients get high-quality care that complies with all applicable health and safety rules and requirements.

  • In addition to the Regular Duties Certain responsibilities of the work include organizing medicines, making labels, researching potential adverse effects of medications, assisting clients, and ringing up their purchases.
  • Pharmacy technicians are often the ones that work the drive-thru windows that are located at some CVS sites.

Additional responsibilities for pharmacy technicians might vary depending on where they work. Training for positions as pharmacy technicians often include attending appropriate college classes in addition to receiving up to a week’s worth of on-the-job instruction.

How much do CVS Health pharmacy technician jobs pay?

Day in the Life of a CVS Pharmacy Technician

It is estimated that the hourly wage of a CVS Health Pharmacy Technician in the United States is roughly $16.97, which is equal to the national average. The information on salaries was derived from 11,068 data points that were obtained directly from workers, users, and both past and present job adverts on Indeed over the course of the previous 36 months.

Does CVs have training programs for Pharmacy techs?

Training and Promotion Possibilities CVS has a strong belief that its workers should be enriched, and there are several opportunities to progress your career with CVS, regardless of where you begin working there. Every CVS pharmacy technician has the opportunity to participate in the company’s extensive training programs.

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What are the different types of technician jobs at CVS?

Managed Treatment – These medical professionals offer care of the highest possible standard by making use of forward-thinking medical technologies. This role is advantageous for CVS Caremark’s mail-order business as well as management inside the company.