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What Does Hs Mean In Pharmacy?

What Does Hs Mean In Pharmacy
Abbreviations used in the medical field that appear on your prescription

Abbreviation Meaning Latin Term
hs at bedtime hora somni
od right eye oculus dexter
os left eye oculus sinister
po by mouth per os

Nog 13 rijen.

What does HS stand for?

Should we OR SHOULD WE NOT Use the HS Medical Acronym? – As was just discussed, there have been some objections raised regarding the usage of hs in medical acronyms. It adds confusion to an already busy day at work, which is especially problematic in the medical field.

  • Therefore, it is recommended by a great number of specialists that the usage be totally avoided;
  • Some people believe that HS MEDICAL ABBREVIATION is a standard reference, and that every member of the medical staff should be aware of the context in which it has been used and why it has been used;

The two ways of thinking are still prevalent, but people are using this abbreviation less frequently, and when they do, they are providing more context for what it means when they do use it. In order to prevent misunderstanding and ambiguity, it may not be too much longer until a new standard for the utilization of such abbreviations is established.

What do we mean by HS in a doctor prescription?

What does HS mean in medical terms? – HS Medical Abbreviation

There are certain abbreviations that appear to be extremely similar to one another. For instance, “half strength” (HS) translates to “at bedtime” (hs), while “hora somni” (hs) implies “half strength.” It is essential to keep in mind that the meaning of each abbreviation varies according on whether it is written in upper-case or lower-case letters and the context of the prescription.

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What does HS stand for in medical terms?

In a nutshell, “HS” is an acronym for the Latin term “hora somni,” which refers to a drug that is meant to be taken in the hour or so before going to bed. Long Answer: Latin was the language used across academia and by all educated people back when Western medicine was in its infancy; as a result, many medical names are derived from the Latin words that were used to describe the same concepts.

What is HS medical term?

HS is an abbreviation for “hora somni,” which means “take at bedtime.” Other definitions of HS may be found in mnemonics for medical terms. Hissing Snake is the mnemonic representation of the medical abbreviation HS. Mnemonic for the Meaning of the HS Medical Term: Hora Somni = Hour Glass + Sombrero HS is an Abbreviation Used in Medicine Story: The image that comes to me is of a Hissing Snake (HS) donning a Sombrero and wrapping itself around an Hour Glass (hora) (somni).

  1. HS is a common abbreviation that appears on prescriptions for pharmacological drugs;
  2. This is an acronym that is offered to the patient to indicate that the medicine should be taken in the evening before going to bed;

HS Explained Using Medical Jargon The mnemonic story for “take before bedtime” is as follows: Hissing Snake does its nighttime medication routine close to its bed. That Wraps It Up! You are now familiar with the process of learning how to memorize the HS medical abbreviation for the term “hora somni.” If you make it a point to go back over it in your notes, you can be assured that you will have no trouble passing the test.

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