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What Information Does The Bin Identify Pharmacy?

Bank Identification Number, sometimes abbreviated as BIN or RxBIN, is another name for this number. It enables the pharmacy to determine which insurance provider’s prescription plan will be billed for your medicine by using this information. The abbreviation “PCN” stands for “Processor Control Number,” and it is used to assist identify you inside the plan.

What does Bin stand for in pharmacy?

Number of Identifiers for the Processor (Processor BIN) Due to the fact that pharmacy claims are now processed electronically, the health insurance provider (or their Pharmacy Benefit Manager/processor/payer on their behalf) was required to provide a number in order to facilitate the electronic routing of transactions.

Which two items on a manufacturers bottle are typically used to identify recalled drugs?

PTCB Exam 2021 study guide

Question Answer
Which two items on a manufacturer’s bottle are typically used to identify recalled drugs? NDC number and lot number
For which of the following conditions could omeprazole be prescribed? GERD

What is a list of medications that insurance will cover called quizlet?

In order to assist in cost containment, the PBM will frequently make use of a formulary, which is a list of medications that have been granted approval. The formulary may be open or closed at the user’s discretion. Coverage of non-formulary pharmaceuticals can be obtained through an open formulary, albeit at a significantly greater cost.

What is identification quizlet?

Identity. – figuring out who you are, what you value, and where you want to go with your life. -dedications to one’s work, personal connections, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic group, and ideas.

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Which of the following objects identifies a set of users with similar access needs?

A group is an object that indicates a grouping of users that have access requirements that are comparable to one another.

In what order are GPOS applied quizlet?

Which of the following best describes the sequence in which Group Policy Objects (GPO) are applied? Local group policy, GPO connected to site, GPO linked to domain, and GPO linked to Organizational Unit highest to lowest. Linked in this order.

Which of the following is the best example of the principle of least privilege?

Which of the following policies best exemplifies the idea known as the “principle of least privilege”? On a Windows workstation, each user has just the privileges of a restricted user, with the exception of one user who is in charge of maintaining the system.