What Is Genoa Pharmacy?

Information Regarding Genoa Healthcare – Genoa Healthcare, which has been providing services to the community for more than 20 years, is now the industry leader in terms of the provision of pharmacy prescription management services for persons who suffer from mental health issues.

What kind of pharmacy is Genoa?

Despite the fact that we focus on helping those who struggle with mental health and addiction, Genoa is a pharmacy that offers a whole range of services. This indicates that we take care of all of our customers’ pharmaceutical requirements, including filling prescriptions provided by psychiatrists, primary care practitioners, or other specialist prescribers.

How many pharmacies does Genoa have?

Conduct a search at over 650 different neighborhood pharmacies.

Is Genoa a specialty pharmacy?

An announcement that the insurer had bought Genoa Healthcare, a specialized pharmacy firm that provides telepsychiatry services and medication management for patients with mental health conditions, was made one month ago. The PBM operated by the insurer, OptumRx, gained 435 new pharmacy sites as a result of the deal.

Who owns Genoa?

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