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What Is Optumrx Specialty Pharmacy?

What Is Optumrx Specialty Pharmacy
OptumRx is an industry leader in the distribution of prescription pharmaceuticals and consumer health goods. The company also specializes in the clinical management and affordability of these products. We are a leading supplier of integrated health services and part of the OptumTM family of companies.

What qualifies as a specialty drug?

A prescription medicine is considered to be a speciality medication if it is either an injectable medication that is self-administered (and does not treat diabetes), a pharmaceutical that requires special handling, special administration, or monitoring, or an oral pill that is expensive.

  • Patients suffering from complicated and/or uncommon diseases are the ones who are treated with specialty drugs, which have specific needs for dosing, storage, handling, and administration.
  • These medications also require high-touch patient care and monitoring services (eg, transplant, oncology, MS, hepatitis).

The following is a list of ailments and diseases that our company provides medicine for. Simply clicking on the link will take you to further resources on the drugs that are particular to each. Antiretroviral Medications Cardiology Medications Dermatology Fertility Gastroenterology Lack of Growth Hormone in the Body Multiple sclerosis and Hepatitis Oncology () (Cancer) Medications Pulmonology Rheumatology Transplant Miscellaneous

Which description best describes a specialty medication quizlet?

In general, a speciality drug may be characterized as one that: Needs additional attention and processes to guarantee that the product is handled effectively. This can be summed up as “requires additional attention and processes.”