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What Questions Can A Pharmacy Technician Answer?

What Questions Can A Pharmacy Technician Answer
Interview questions for pharmacy technicians and examples of how to answer them

  • What course of action would you take if a colleague displayed questionable behavior?
  • When it comes to managing insurance claims, what kind of experience do you have?
  • When did you first become aware that a prescription had a mistake, and what did you do about it?
  • How can you make sure that the prescriptions for priority drugs are filled in a timely manner?

Meer things

Which of the following tasks can a pharmacy technician legally perform?

What exactly does it mean to work at a pharmacy? – The following is a typical list of responsibilities that fall under the purview of a certified pharmacy technician:

  • Medicamentous preparation for individual patients
  • The prescriptions are received and checked, respectively.
  • Pricing and prescriptions that need to be filled
  • obtaining permission from the pharmacist
  • Taking care of the necessary documentation for patients in connection with the dispensing of prescriptions
  • Providing assistance with the processing of insurance claims (this task is typically performed by a pharmacist, however an assistant’s assistance will be required because the full procedure is completed online)
  • Medications in inventory, including their stocking and cost.
  • Making sure that patients and facilities have access to medications by delivering them to them.
  • ensuring the safety of the pharmacy, its customers, and its workers by strictly following to all rules, procedures, and legislation pertaining to infection control

The following are examples of activities that are illegal for a pharmacy technician to engage in:

  1. Carry out a comprehensive examination of the medications.
  2. You are only allowed to engage in counseling with the patients
  3. you are not permitted to offer them any advise concerning medications or matters relating to their health. It is the pharmacist’s responsibility to carry out these duties.
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Aside from that, a pharmacy technician is responsible for doing pretty much every task in a pharmacy. The responsibilities listed above are often carried out by pharmacy technicians working in healthcare settings (hospitals or clinics) or in retail pharmacies.

Why should we hire pharmacy tech?

9. Which aspect of your employment do you look forward to the most, and why? – “I have a tremendous amount of pleasure in the work that I perform because I have always wished to be a part of the healthcare business and have been fascinated by the miraculous effects that medications may have.” Interacting with the patients, providing them with the meds they need, and educating them on how to take the prescriptions are some of my favorite aspects of my job.