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What Time Does Publix Pharmacy Open On Sunday?

What Time Does Publix Pharmacy Open On Sunday
Questions and Answers: Does the Publix Pharmacy Offer Sunday Hours? Yes, it is open on Sunday, although it runs on a different schedule and between the hours of eleven in the morning and six in the evening. What are the hours of operation for the Publix Pharmacy on Christmas Day? On the contrary, we will be closed on Christmas Day.

What blood pressure medication is free at Publix?

Lisinopril is an ACE inhibitor that is taken to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain illnesses that affect the heart and kidneys, as well as to treat these conditions. Only at your local Publix Pharmacy can you receive a free 90-day supply (all strengths, up to 180 pills) of this life-saving prescription medication.

Is omeprazole free at Publix?

A new savings program that offers 29 commonly used pharmaceuticals at a reduced price of $7.50 for a supply lasting ninety days has been introduced by Publix. The drugs simvastatin, omeprazole, gabapentin, and alendronate are among the most common ones seen on this list.

Is there an app for Publix Pharmacy?

The app for the Publix Pharmacy is now available! The use of mobile applications has become ingrained in our routines, making tasks easier to complete and putting information we need at our fingertips. Examine the many features that our just released app possesses.

Sign Up Both Android and iOS users may download the Publix Pharmacy app to their respective devices. You may begin managing your medications with the tap of a button using the mobile app that you can acquire by downloading it to your smartphone right away to get started.

You don’t have a smartphone, do you? No issue. There is also a web-based desktop version accessible, allowing you to access all of the functions while you are sitting at your computer. To get started, all you need is to have:
A account (if you don’t already have one, you may create one on this page if you don’t already have one) A prescription number that has been filled at a Publix Pharmacy during the past 18 months. A contact number or email address that has been saved by the pharmacy.
After downloading the app or going to our Pharmacy website, simply follow the easy steps to get set up, and then you’ll be able to start taking advantage of all the benefits. App Perks
Order refills Take care of your meds. Get refill status Set dosing reminders Refill Notifications (by text, email, or push notifications in real time) Notifications by text for the pickup
Obtaining One’s Prescription History Obtaining one’s prescription history is sometimes a challenging undertaking.

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It is now more simpler than before thanks to our app. You will need to log in to your account in order to examine the history of the last two years. The following will be included in your history statement:
Date Completed Location Completed Quantity Completed Amount Paid Prescribing Physician Prescription Product Name Insurance Coverage Date Completed Location Completed Quantity Completed
You will have an easy time accessing your medicines and refills.

Now available for download on Android and iOS, the Publix Pharmacy app is a must-have.

How do I get the Publix Pharmacy app?

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