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What Time Does Safeways Pharmacy Close?

What Time Does Safeways Pharmacy Close
Hours of Operation for the Safeway Pharmacy – The Safeway Pharmacy is open every day of the week according to the following schedule. Find out what time the Safeway Pharmacy opens and closes so that we may make arrangements to go there. During the weekdays, the Safeway Pharmacy opens for business at 9 AM and stays open until around 9 PM in the evening.

How do I get a $25 discount on groceries at Safeway?

COVID vaccinations starting at Safeway pharmacies Thursday

+If you fill any new or transferred prescriptions, you will be eligible to get a Prescription Stamp Card as well as a discount of $25 on groceries. You have the option of receiving the discount in the form of real gift cards or digital coupons that are put onto your Safeway for UTM account (up to a value of $75 total).