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What Time Does The Pharmacy Close At Wegmans?

What Time Does The Pharmacy Close At Wegmans
Wegmans Pharmacy Timings are fairly handy, and they are distinct from the hours that ordinary supermarkets are open. Wegmans Pharmacy Hours The Wegmans Pharmacy will typically open about 8:30 in the morning and remain open until approximately 9 in the evening, Monday through Friday.

Does Wegmans have a pharmacy?

In addition, a pharmacist may be reached at your neighborhood Wegmans Pharmacy at any time during regular business hours. All new drugs or changes in therapy for prescriptions that are sent to your house will result in a phone consultation with a pharmacist.

What time does Wegmans open & close?

Regular Business Days and Hours for Wegmans Stores When Wegmans Is Open Today Wegmans Opening Hours Monday 6 AM Tuesday 6 AM Wednesday 6 AM 6 o’clock on a Thursday 1 more rows

Does Wegmans get back to you quickly?

You may expect a response from us as promptly and efficiently as is humanly feasible. When you use the Wegmans app, not only do you get more out of your time spent shopping, but you also get more out of your day overall. The Wegmans SCAN smartphone app is brand new, and it is completely free.