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What Time Is Walmart Pharmacy Lunch Break?

What Time Is Walmart Pharmacy Lunch Break
When does the Walmart Pharmacy close for the lunch hour? The pharmacists at Walmart are responsible for a large number of customers. Because of this, the firm makes it a point to provide each pharmacist a lunch break of thirty minutes each day. Between the hours of 1:30 and 2:00, the Walmart pharmacy is closed for lunch. During this time, there is just one pharmacist on duty.

Do you have to take breaks at Walmart?

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, Retail Sales Associate at Walmart (1999-present) · This author has 173 responses, and 240,500 people have viewed those responses. Yes. At Walmart, employees are required to take breaks, and the policy is closely followed. If you work an 8-hour shift, you are required to take a break every four hours for 15 minutes while the clock is running.