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What To Know For Pharmacy Technician Test?

What To Know For Pharmacy Technician Test
Exam topics for the PTCB include the following: Candidates are tested in four distinct areas, or “knowledge domains,” during the PTCB examination. The board refers to these areas as “knowledge domains.” Each of the knowledge domains contains a number of subdomains that are more specialized.

What happens if you fail PTCB?

How many times are you allowed to get the PTCB wrong? You have up to four opportunities to earn a passing score on the PTCB test. If your first attempt at the PTCB test is unsuccessful, you have the opportunity to reapply and pay for the exam for a second or third time within sixty days after your most recent attempt.

Is there a lot of math on Ptcb?

PTCB Math Made Easy – One of the sections of the PTCB exam that many students find to be one of the most difficult is the pharmacy math section. There is a lot of territory to cover, and it can be challenging to get ahead of the many different sorts of questions.

For the PTCB test, we have included below some basic arithmetic problems that you need be familiar with in order to do well. According to the old proverb, “practice makes perfect.” For the PTCB test, you need to practice solving as many example math problems as possible. The more problems you work through, the better off you will be.

It is also irrelevant whether or not you get the questions correct. In the end, you have to begin somewhere, and the wonderful thing about having extensive response explanations is that you can fill in any knowledge gaps that you might have. You will have the opportunity to do an analysis of your current knowledge base, which will help you to determine both your strong and weak points.

You will then be able to modify your study schedule moving forward so that you spend more time focusing on your areas of weakness and less time focusing on your areas of strength, which you need to rarely revisit in order to stay on top of things. Math might be challenging when you first start out. It is something that, with enough practice, becomes second nature.

We have assembled a mix of four different math problems for the PTCB, some of which are simple and others of which are more difficult. Please give each question a go before reading our responses that have been prepared. In this method, you will be able to determine where you may have made a mistake.

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What is pharmaceutical math?


The preparation, prescription, and administration of medication all need knowledge of mathematics, which is covered in pharmaceutical mathematics curricula. The amount of competence that students need in a particular sector is taken into consideration while designing courses. Algebraic equations, quantitative analysis, and statistical analysis are all examples of topics that could be studied.

What percent do you need to pass Ptcb?

What exactly does this imply for your preparation for the PTCB exam? – Scaling makes it difficult to specify what proportion of questions answered correctly constitutes a “pass” on the PTCE. If you are a stats geek, all of this information may be intriguing to you; but, the basic line is that scaling.

  • If you want to get a passing grade on the test, it is in your best interest to attempt to get as many of the questions right as you can, rather than waste time and effort trying to determine the precise threshold at which you would be considered successful.
  • Despite this, you do have a general roadmap.

Are you able to consistently achieve a score of 80% or above on practice tests similar to those featured in our PTCB Hero study guide? If this is the case, even if there are no guarantees, you have a very good chance of passing your test provided that you can obtain a performance level that is comparable to that of the actual exam.

How many questions can you get wrong on PTCB?

You need to get at least 650 out of a possible 900, which indicates that you must get 65 of the questions correct, while the remaining 25 can be left to chance.

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Is the PTCB exam multiple choice?

How many questions are on the pharmacy technician certification test? There are a total of ninety (90) multiple-choice questions on the PTCB exam. This comprises 80 scored questions and 10 unscored questions. Each question will feature four alternative answers.