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What To Study For Pharmacy Tech Exam?

What To Study For Pharmacy Tech Exam
Exam topics that are covered by the PTCB

  • Instruction on pharmacology for medical assistants.
  • The laws and regulations governing pharmacies.
  • Compounding both sterile and non-sterile materials.
  • The protection of medication.
  • Assurance of quality in the pharmacy
  • Process for taking medication orders and filling them.
  • Management of the pharmacy’s inventory
  • Billing and reimbursement procedures for pharmacies.

Meer things

How many questions are on the pharmacy tech test?

Practice Exam for Pharmacy Technicians. The exam will focus on three broad categories: regulation and technician duties, drugs and drug products, and the process of dispensing medications. Check out the Pharmacy Technician Practice Test Kit, which has 750 questions with clearly explained answers and was developed by instructors in pharmacy technician.

Are there any free pharmacy tech practice tests?

There may be more practice questions accessible on the Facebook page, which is also where they are all tested before they are published on this website. For assistance and additional practice questions, visit the Facebook page. Several times every week, brand-new practice questions that were developed from scratch are added to the site.

Additionally, other pharmacy tech students contribute to the community by posting questions and offering study advice. It is also an excellent location to find a study companion, either in your local area or online, so consider using it for that purpose as well. We appreciate you taking use of our free pharmacy tech practice exams.

** The questions that are included in these practice exams for pharmacy technicians are not the same as the ones that will appear on the national certification exam. They are all uniquely written, and the subject matter on which they are based is the same as that which is covered on the real exam.

  • In addition, they are guarded by copyright regulations.
  • Before posting them somewhere else or using them in any other way, kindly get permission first.
  • In this moment, where would you like to go? Abbreviations used for Prescriptions Free Sample Exams to Take Home Page Top 200 Drugs Put Your Math Questions Forward.
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What kind of math do pharmacy techs need to know?

The ExCPT exam is a standardized examination that consists of a total of ninety questions, all of which are multiple choice. The questions cover all of the areas of expertise that are required of a pharmacy technician, including pharmacy law, HIPAA rules, pharmacy arithmetic, and pharmacy administration.

  • There are a variety of approaches that may be utilized in the process of studying for and getting ready to take the certification exam for pharmacy technicians.
  • Using flash cards to study for the ExCPT test is one of the most effective and time-efficient ways to prepare.
  • These are convenient to carry along with one and may be looked through anytime there is free time.

You may get flashcards for the pharmacy technician exam at bookstores as well as on the internet. Additionally, the students can create their very own. On one side of these flashcards, the brand name of a drug that is regularly used may be printed, and on the other side, the generic name can be printed.

  1. Learning sig codes with flash cards is another effective method.
  2. These are the kind of codes that are typically found on prescriptions and instructions given by doctors.
  3. You will not only be better prepared for the ExCPT if you use flashcards of this kind to commit this material to memory, but you will also find that using this information in your day-to-day work as a pharmacy technician can benefit you.

One further topic to look at is pharmaceutical math, sometimes known as dose calculations. Mathematical errors are responsible for the majority of mishaps that occur in pharmacies. It is critical for pharmacy technicians to have a solid grasp of the mathematical formulas behind pharmaceutical dosing.

  1. Errors in medical care can have devastating effects on the patient.
  2. A significant portion of the mathematical work in pharmacy includes ratios and fractions.
  3. The secret is in the practice.
  4. Calculating percentages, adding and subtracting improper fractions, lowering ratios, and practicing addition and subtraction with improper fractions are all important skills for a pharmacy technician to perform.
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Mathematical exercises in the form of practice examinations may be found in abundance online for pharmacy technicians. Students who wish to do well on the ExCPT test can choose from among a variety of different study materials. The National Health Career Association provides a variety of learning resources, including printed textbooks, an online tutorial, and practice exams.

  • The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board is yet another reliable source.
  • There are a lot of different study guides out there, and a lot of them incorporate lab books.
  • They walk you through genuine instances of questions and mathematical difficulties that you will see on the test as well as in the profession that you will be doing as a pharmacy technician.

As a means of getting yourself ready for the ExCPT exam, the student should go through a variety of different practice examinations first. Because the test costs more than one hundred dollars, you need to ensure that you are successful on the very first attempt.

  1. The fee to take these practice examinations online is often about twenty dollars.
  2. They provide the learner with the opportunity to grow used to the structure of the questions.
  3. You are able to identify the subject matter areas in which you require the most improvement, allowing you to focus the majority of your academic efforts on these regions.

When going through the practice exam that has been graded, be sure to jot down any questions that you missed. Then, in order to better commit the answer to memory, you should produce a flash card with the question on it. If you take the practice exam, you will be better prepared for the actual test, which will make you feel more at ease and give you more confidence.

When you are aware of what is about to happen, you will feel lot better. Taking a course that prepares you for exams like the ExPCT is the most effective approach to properly prepare for the test. Certificate programs may be found on the websites of a number of different online businesses, in addition to community institutions.

Completing one of these takes significantly less than a year, on average. There are other programs leading to diplomas available. The duration of these programs is typically one year. Either of these two paths will adequately train the student to succeed on the ExPCT exam and begin a career as a pharmacy technician at the entry level.

  • If you are interested in furthering your career as a pharmacy technician, one option you may want to explore is enrolling in an associate’s degree program at a college or university that specializes in pharmacy technician education.
  • This will take around 2 years to complete.
  • Pharmacy technicians who have an associate’s degree earn a higher salary and have a better chance of being promoted to management positions.
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Being well-prepared is essential if one want to succeed on the ExCPT test. Do not make the assumption that you are prepared just because you have previous experience working in a pharmacy as a technician. Before going in for the test, make sure you have completely prepared yourself by studying for it.