When Does Heb Pharmacy Close?

When Does Heb Pharmacy Close
HEB Pharmacy Hours The majority of HEB Pharmacy Stores open for business at nine in the morning and remain open until around nine o’clock at night, Monday through Saturday, on regular days. However, in comparison to regular weekdays, the working hours on the weekends are subject to a number of restrictions.

Is heb open on Thanksgiving Day 2019?

Questions & Answers: Does HEB Remain Open on Sundays? The answer is yes; HEB is open on Sundays, and you may go to the supermarket chain without any trouble between the hours of six in the morning and twelve in the early morning. Is it possible to shop at H-E-B on Christmas Day? On Christmas Day, the HEB Store will not be open for business.

How do you refill an HEB pharmacy prescription by phone?

3.) If you need a refill on your prescription, call the pharmacy. In order to get a prescription refilled over the phone at a HEB pharmacy, you will need to call the HEB store closest to you. When you call your neighborhood HEB pharmacy, in addition to requesting medicine refills, you’ll find that you have a number of other options available to you as well.