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Where Is Bubu Pharmacy In Genshin?

Where Is Bubu Pharmacy In Genshin
The name of this store, which literally translates to “Not-Divining Hut” in Chinese, is Bubu Pharmacy. You can find it in the city of Liyue Harbor. Every three days, the supply of things other than the recipe itself is replenished. It is well acknowledged that Bubu Pharmacy is the “finest pharmacy in all of Liyue.” It is common knowledge that the pharmacy is quite busy both during and after the Lantern Rite.

Where is the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue?

Every character in Genshin Impact belongs to one of Teyvat’s numerous organizations, be it a national force like the Fatui or a small garrison like the Knights of Favonius. These groups range from the national to the local level. The Bubu Pharmacy is one of the more peculiar establishments in Liyue.

  • It is managed by the somewhat shady Dr.
  • Baizu, the kind-hearted Herbalist Gui, and their undead errand girl, Qiqi.
  • Qiqi is a zombie.
  • During Liyue’s Archon Quest, players will have their first meeting with the Pharmacy.
  • However, one gets the impression that the Pharmacy, which is the destination for Herbal Medicine in Genshin Impact, still has some mysteries to be solved.

As a result of the fact that locals are willing to put their faith in Dr. Baizu’s treatment, Bubu Pharmacy has gained notoriety, at least within the confines of Liyue. At the very end of the northernmost terrace in Liyue is an impressive-looking structure that serves as the location of the pharmacy.

  1. Players can anticipate returning to the area frequently for a recurring commission known as “Good Medicine Tastes Bitter.” This commission requires the Traveler to deliver Almond Tofu to Hongdou in order to successfully finish the task.
  2. The majority of the time, players will have interactions with Herbalist Gui, the counter attendant at the drugstore who has a golden heart.
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In the course of the Lantern Rite, Gui expresses a desire for his enterprise, which is predicated on the prevention and treatment of disease, to experience slow business, with medications gathering dust on store shelves. However, the other two people working at the drugstore are far more prominent.

How do I buy pharmacy in Bubu?

Where in Genshin Impact might one locate the Bubu Pharmacy? – The Bubu Pharmacy can be located in Genshin Impact at the Liyue Harbor location. You will be able to purchase 10 Qingxin blossoms from the Bubu Pharmacy in Genshin Impact after you uncover it.

If you go up to Herbalist Gui and have a conversation with her, you will have the opportunity to purchase 10 of the transparent white flower at a price of 600 coins each one. Qingxin flowers, which are said to be a speciality of the area around Liyue, can only be found growing on the highest stone summits.

It is said that it “eschews the warmth and dampness of the lowlands in order to stare out far from the lonesome mountain summits,” which is how it is described. Now that you know you can purchase them at the Bubu Pharmacy, which is shown on the map, the next section will provide you with some sites where you may find them naturally occurring in the environment.

Where is the herbalist Liyue?

Herbalist Gui is a non-player character that can be found in Liyue Harbor. He is currently employed at the Bubu Pharmacy in the capacity of a pharmacist.

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Is ganyu an adeptus?

Overview Lore Voice-Overs Outfits Companion Media

Ganyu (Chinese: Gnyu) is a Cryo character that may be controlled by the player in Genshin Impact. In addition to her role as general secretary of the Liyue Qixing, she is a half-qilin Adeptus who is under contract with the Geo Archon Morax.

Where is the symbol of Mondstadt hero?

The moniker given to the towering oak tree that can be found in Windrise serves as the Symbol of Mondstadt’s Hero. It is thought to have grown about the time when Vennessa ascended to Celestia, which was around one thousand years ago.

What did Ruu name the Thunderbird of Tsurumi island?

The protector deity of Tsurumi Island was a thunderbird named Kanna Kapatcir, who was also known as the Great Thunderbird or just the Thunderbird.

Which small animal is referenced in SAYU’s outfit?

It is believed that Sayu’s sensei bought her the clothing for her as a present. The design makes a nod to the shape of a little mammal known as the “mujina,” and the colors were carefully selected for it based on Sayu’s preferences. Because of its low weight and high degree of adaptability, it is ideal for a ninja.

  1. Sayu is particularly fond of the enormous hood since it gives her a feeling of protection and warmth.
  2. Sayu’s ability to keep her balance while walking among the branches is facilitated by the lengthy tail.
  3. The main problem to this attire is that it possibly makes Sayu appear too much like a tanuki, and as a result, she is frequently misconstrued as a result of this.
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In the beginning, she would take the other person seriously when she would explain that “I’m not a tanuki, my name is Sayu.” Sayu has resentment toward tanuki because, throughout the course of time, several instances that were identical to those that occurred in the past have occurred.

Where can I buy silk flowers in Genshin?

Where Is Bubu Pharmacy In Genshin Two merchants – Verr Goldet offers Silk Flowers (Image via Genshin Impact) Silk Flowers are available for purchase from Verr Goldet for players of Genshin Impact. They should go to the Wangshu Inn and look for her at the counter close to a cat that is black and white.

  1. She only has five of the Silk Flowers available for sale, and each one sells for a price of one thousand Mora.
  2. The replenishment process takes three days.
  3. It is possible to reach her rapidly by making advantage of the adjacent Teleport Waypoint.
  4. It shouldn’t take more than a minute and a half to get to the vendor coming from here.

Silk Flowers are another product that Ms. Bai sells (Image via Genshin Impact) Silk Flowers may be purchased in Ms. Bai’s shop for the price of one thousand Mora each. Similar to the last vendor, she only has five Silk Flowers in stock at any given moment, and it takes three days for her to replenish the supply. Where Is Bubu Pharmacy In Genshin