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Where Is Express Scripts Pharmacy Located?

Where Is Express Scripts Pharmacy Located
Express Scripts is located in St. Louis County, Missouri.

Type Subsidiary
Industry Healthcare Pharmaceuticals
Founded St. Louis County, Missouri (1986)
Headquarters St. Louis County, Missouri, U.S.
Key people Tim Wentworth (President, Express Scripts & Cigna Services)

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Is Express Scripts the same as CVS?

Express Scripts is just a Pharmacy Benefits Manager but also offers a mail order prescription medication service, whereas CVS Caremark delivers prescription pharmaceuticals through both retail pharmacies and its pharmacy benefits manager service (Caremark), and Express Scripts is only a Pharmacy Benefits Manager.

What is the preferred pharmacy for Express Scripts?

Accredo, Express Scripts’ in-house specialty pharmacy, is the only outlet through which mail-order prescriptions for speciality drugs can be fulfilled.

Does CVS handle Express Scripts?

Both CVS and Safeway pharmacies are part of the Smart90 network that your plan provides. Visit and navigate to the “Manage Prescriptions” section of the menu. From there, select “Locate a pharmacy,” and any Smart90 network pharmacies that are in your area will be displayed in the search results.

Is Express Scripts cheaper than local pharmacy?

Because of the company’s discussions on price for mail order, the cost of prescriptions at retail pharmacies is, on average, ten percent more than the cost of prescriptions at the Express Scripts Home Delivery pharmacy.