Where Is Optumrx Pharmacy Located?

Where Is Optumrx Pharmacy Located
The city of Irvine in California About OptumRx The city of Irvine in California serves as its headquarters.

How do you use OptumRx?

You are able to place an order for a supply of pharmaceuticals that will last you for up to three months. Your order can be placed through the phone, the mail, the internet, or the OptumRx app, respectively. In addition, your doctor can send your prescription to OptumRx via the company’s electronic prescription service.

How do I pay for OptumRx?

Changing your credit card information: Navigate to “My profile,” scroll down to “Manage shipping & payments,” and then click on “My payment methods.” This will allow you to update your payment information. You can enter the details for a bank account, a credit card, or a debit card. During the checkout process, you also have the option of adding a bank account or credit card.

Is OptumRx a specialty pharmacy?

We provide financial assistance for specialized therapies and take a hands-on approach to patient care, both of which leave a significant mark on the patient’s overall quality of life and level of health.