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Why Did You Choose Pharmacy?

Why Did You Choose Pharmacy
3. I Take Pleasure in Exploring a Wide Range of Career Options – A career in pharmacy offers a variety of options, including care for patients, participation in scientific research, and the development of new ideas. There is a diverse range of professional environments open to pharmacists to work in.

The majority of pharmacists, approximately 45 percent, are employed in community pharmacies that are either independently owned or owned as part of a retail chain. These pharmacists offer advice to patients on the appropriate use of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Pharmacists are employed in a wide variety of different settings related to healthcare as well, including but not limited to hospitals, nursing homes, managed care organizations, the pharmaceutical business, universities and schools, and the government.

In every facet of the healthcare system, pharmacists are essential members of the leadership team.

Why do I continue to study in pharmacy?

Why I Chose to Pursue a Degree in Pharmacy Sign in to leave comments on the stories you enjoy reading, to take part in your community, and to engage in conversation with your friends. LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK Home > Student Life > Why I Chose to Study Pharmacy > Why I Chose to Study Pharmacy > Throughout much of my time in high school, I had the ambition to work in publishing. I found that writing, coming up with stories, and expressing myself creatively through the arts were all enjoyable activities for me. One of my teachers once told me that she could learn more about me from a few pieces of paper than by listening to me talk for a whole year. Writing was both a means of communication for me and a hobby that I enjoyed. I wasn’t entirely sure what it meant to work as an editor, but I did know that it was one of the highest-ranking professions available in relation to the things that interested me, so that’s what I decided to do. By the time I was a senior in high school, I had developed a strong fascination with chemistry, the scientific study of the atoms, molecules, and reactions that compose the world as we know it. I went through a phase when I was interested in becoming a chemist and then going from there, but the one thing that both of these pursuits had in common was that they were aimless. I lacked self-assurance in my decisions, was uncertain about how I might put my interests to use, and had a limited comprehension of the difference I could make in other people’s lives. Researching pharmacy was one of the first fields I looked at after getting more involved in exploring other prospects, particularly ones with a strong chemical component. On the surface, I viewed it as an opportunity to study an area that was mostly consisted of things that attracted me. Additionally, it gave fantastic compensation, and it was a means that I could apply all I learned to assist other people. Because of my introverted personality, my friends and professors believed that it would suit me well, and my family was more than supportive of my decision. When I think back on these factors, I realize how much I’ve grown as a person and how much my perspective on what I want to do with my life has shifted. When you ask me why I choose to study pharmacy, you are asking a different question than when you ask me why I choose to study it. I went from having a decent reason to choose this practice to being vocal about how pharmacy is an important field of study. The role that pharmacists play in the lives and wellbeing of people, as well as the communities in which they live, goes far beyond what the majority of people believe, and it definitely is more than what I once thought when I first made my decision to become a pharmacist. Because pharmacists play such an important role in the care that patients get, I have decided to major in pharmacy. Pharmacists are the last line of defense in terms of approving prescribed medications, ensuring that the medications are safe taking into account the patient’s disease state(s) and current drug regimen, and providing recommendations regarding which medications are the most effective, in addition to performing a number of other important functions. Because pharmacists are the go-to doctors that people can visit for advice and direction on their conditions and concerns, I continue to study in this field. In many pharmacies, patients and pharmacists are friends and share a trust that is rarely seen in the healthcare field. This is one of the reasons why I continue to study in this field. It is a sector that has to be reinvigorated with new pharmacists that strive to foster such engagement with patients, advising them to ensure a smooth therapy and experience, and who really care for the welfare of people they assist treat. This will allow the industry to be more competitive. My motivation for pursuing this line of work is that I want to be a part of the movement that informs the general public that we are a group of drug specialists on whom they can trust for knowledge and treatment. I want this degree so that I may proceed in a variety of directions, all of which will help me achieve the same objective, which is providing the necessary medical treatment to others. There is a persistent misconception about pharmacy, despite the fact that it is critical to maintaining people’s lives and physical health. It is sometimes mistaken with the pharmaceutical business, which is motivated by greed. While the two can overlap in certain ways, they are not the same thing at all. The second group is motivated by profit, whereas the first group does all in its power to make healthy living both accessible and straightforward. I want to be a member of the former, which is actively opposed to the greed that gives patients a justifiable reason to be upset with the system, and I want to be a part of that opposition. I want to be a member of the community of professionals that work more than they have to in order to make sure that those who are in need get all they need, that they understand the “what and why” of everything they need, and that they can sometimes even save a life. My objective as of right now is to study as diligently as I possibly can with the hopes of landing a residency position by the time I graduate and then specializing in neuropsychiatric pharmacy in order to be able to assist those who have unique requirements as a result of mental illnesses. What motivates me, as well as many of my classmates and countless other individuals, is the desire to work directly with customers and provide assistance. I want to be a part of the movement that treats all patients with the dignity and respect that they are due in the hopes that one day, we will be accorded the same courtesy and consideration. Because of this, I have made the decision to pursue this line of work further in order to contribute to the creation of a brighter future for others, as well as to develop the strong human connections that are essential to achieving positive medical results and fostering true trust. Send us feedback on this Content. This article has not been approved by Odyssey HQ, and as such, it only reflects the author’s views and opinions. Why Did You Choose Pharmacy

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Why are pharmacists in high demand?

9. I Can Help Defend Against Bioterrorism Pharmacists are trained to spot the indications and symptoms of illnesses that might be utilized in a biological assault. This is one way that you can contribute to the defense against bioterrorism. In the event of a crisis, easy access to pharmacies may be one of the most important factors in determining the effectiveness of any mass immunization or medicine distribution campaign.