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Why Do I Want To Be A Pharmacy Technician?

Why Do I Want To Be A Pharmacy Technician
5. You Have the Opportunity to Assist Others – Being able to observe the positive effects that your work has on the lives of others is one of the perks that comes with working as a Pharmacy Technician. This is one of the most satisfying elements of the job.

What are your strengths as a pharmacy technician?

Diabetes, Volume 81, Issue 10 (October 2015 Pharmacy Times), Pharmacy Times (October 2015), 20 October 2015 People who are able to play to their strengths while acknowledging and accepting their limits are those who are most successful at channeling their energy into productive pursuits.

The great majority of pharmacists recognize both their capabilities and their limits, and either collaborate with or employ other individuals whose talents complement their own.1 Rare is the person who can truly be called a “jack of all crafts.” People who are able to exploit their abilities (and sublimate their limitations) are better at channeling their energy into productive pursuits.2,3 They also have a tendency to experience more joy in their employment.2 What are some of your greatest strengths, and how can you best showcase them and put them to use? You may select the most gratifying line of work by first being aware of your own strengths.

Identifying Your Core Strengths with the Help of Table 1: A Comprehensive Methodological Framework Methodological Components Self-assessment To get started, keep a journal of the activities that you engage in throughout a typical week and note if they invigorate or deplete you.

  • Carry out these steps without seeking the advice or assistance of other people in order to start with a clean slate and avoid being swayed by the viewpoints of others around you.
  • Include a chart that consists of the following four columns: undertakings that were fruitful; gut feelings that were correct; activities that brought joy, excitement, or absorption; and labor that was not just essential but also gratifying Take note of the things that you do differently from how other people do them yet nevertheless manage to finish.

Ask these questions: What differentiates you from others, such as your educational background or professional certifications? How robust is your network, and who are some of the people it includes? What kinds of resources are available to you? What are your distinct values and ethics? Examination Under Supervision Instead of asking your superiors or mentors to compile a list of your qualities, request that they: During the course of a typical week, make a note of the moments when you appear to be the most lively or immersed in your job.

  • Describe the kinds of responsibilities they provide you instead of those given to other workers and explain why they do so.
  • Colleague Assessment Ask your coworkers when they like working with you or watching you the most, which duties they believe you perform better than they do, and what you have done extremely well in the recent weeks.
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If they have any admiration for any of your abilities. Formal Assessment You may determine and rank your biggest skills with the assistance of many online surveys. Try out the VIA Character Strengths Test, which may be found in the questionnaires part of the Authentic Happiness website (www.

  1. authentichappiness. sas. upenn.
  2. edu/) on the University of Pennsylvania’s Authentic Happiness website.
  3. There is a longer version with 240 questions, and there is also a shorter version available.
  4. There is no charge for registering.
  5. On the Multiple Intelligences for Adult Literacy and Education website (http://literacynet.

org/mi/assessment/findyourstrengths. html), you will find a free 56-question exam that will help you to evaluate your own personal strengths. This is an adaptation based on references 1-7. Strengths I can see that you believe that your strengths are simply the things that you are good at, and that your weaknesses are the opposite of that.

  1. Let’s make some changes to the way you think.
  2. You may be forced to reconcile large amounts of data and be very good at it, despite the fact that you detest doing it.
  3. Therefore, that cannot be considered a true strength.
  4. True strengths are innate abilities that engulf you, stoke the fires of your passion, and give you a sense of being both valuable and alive.3,4 The reverse of strengths are weaknesses, which are tasks that you are capable of and perhaps even excel at, but which sap your energy.2 A weakness might also be something that you are not very good at but are unsure whether or not you want to improve.
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You may discover your strengths through the use of a 360-degree strategy (Online Table 1 1-7), which involves assessing yourself, asking your supervisors, asking your coworkers, and making use of various evaluation tools. Naming Unique Strengths Once you have gathered all of your information, you will be able to capitalize on your advantages and succeed.

Typical strengths consist of strong communication abilities, the capacity to determine the requirements of others, patience, reliability, accountability, adaptability, careful attention to detail, and the ability to solve problems. However, when placed in an interview setting, same responses may come out as produced and planned.

If you express your abilities in an inventive manner, you will come off as more natural and fluid in your speech. You will have a better chance of understanding yourself and conveying the nature of your interests if you give them distinctive names.4 The following are some strengths that are helpful for pharmacists and are listed in Table 2 1.

Note de Fin You will be able to better define yourself and exhibit your inventiveness and ability to communicate effectively if you first consider your skills and then use a few succinct phrases to describe them. Ms. Wick is currently serving as a visiting professor in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Connecticut, where she teaches classes on management and career planning.

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What is the most important quality in a pharmacy technician?

Paying Attention to Detail – Are you the kind of person that sits down and carefully reads all of the directions before beginning to fill out a form? It’s possible that you have the kind of attention to detail that’s required to be a successful pharmacy technician.

The most essential component of a pharmacy technician’s work is looking out for the well-being of their consumers. When you give a patient the incorrect prescription, you run the risk of doing more than just causing them an inconvenience; you might also cause them harm. When it comes to filling prescriptions and creating drugs, pharmacy techs need to use caution and a thorough approach.

In today’s modern medical system, meticulous record keeping is also required. This helps the pharmacy stay organized and ensures that it is in compliance with rules regarding the storage and management of patient information. Frequently, pharmacy technicians will assist with administrative tasks like as filing, data entry, or the creation of inventory records.