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4 Reasons You Should Get Your Flu Shot Every Year

Fall marks the return of beautiful colors, football, and postseason baseball. It also signals the start of the influenza season in the United States. If you’ve ever suffered a bout of this viral affliction, you know it can sideline you from normal life for a significant amount of time. To help combat this potent virus, doctors come out with an annual vaccine that’s readily available at your neighborhood pharmacy or physician’s office. Here are four great reasons you should get your flu shot every year.

1. Cut Your Risk of Contraction in Half!

There’s no such thing as a vaccine that eliminates the possibility of contraction, but the flu vaccine significantly diminishes your chance of getting sick. The amount of protection varies from one year to the next based on the potency of the virus. However, at the very least, you’ll cut the likelihood of contracting the flu by 50%.

2. Save Money!

A visit to the doctor’s office can be expensive on its own. That’s just the beginning of costs associated with influenza. If you contract a severe case of the flu, you could end up taking significant time away from work, which affects your ability to put money in your pocket. You could also spend a lot on repeat trips to your local pharmacy for medication and other relief options. If you get the flu shot, these costs could be significantly reduced!

3. Reduce Flu Symptoms!

For the select few who get sick after having the annual flu shot, studies have shown a significant reduction in the severity of symptoms. In years when the virus is especially strong, admissions to hospital intensive care units were 59% lower in adults who had been vaccinated.

4. Help Others!

While many of the reasons for vaccination has to do with the person getting the shot, there’s also a greater good to consider. Young children and people with severe allergies to the vaccine’s ingredients are not physically capable of handling this type of treatment, which means they’re unprotected when the virus moves through the community. If you contract the flu, these individuals run the risk of contracting it from you. By getting your vaccine, you’ll do your part to reduce the likelihood of transmission.

Get Your Shot Today!

Now you know why to get your annual influenza shot. The next step should be to figure out where. At D-Rex Pharmacy, we’ve served the Yadkin Valley for 47 years. We’re ready to help you with walk-in vaccinations and even flu clinics for your entire business. To learn more about our wellness offerings, contact us online, call our Jonesville location at 336-835-6407 or reach our Yadkinville store at 336-518-1245 today.

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