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CBD Oil - Why You Should Only Get It From A Pharmacy

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is derived from marijuana's cousin, the hemp plant. Though CBD is also a component of cannabis, CBD oil lacks THC, the chemical that creates the "high" generally attributed to the use of marijuana. There are many advantages to CBD oil. It is showing promise in treating anxiety, and there are many studies documenting evidence that CBD oil has been very useful in managing severe seizure disorders in children.

CBD has recently become the much-hyped miracle supplement of the day. While there are documented positive benefits of CBD oil, recent laws have given rise to many opportunists, ready to tout it as a cure for everything from baldness to depression to the latest fitness booster. If you are ready to try CBD oil, be sure you are getting it from a respected, professional pharmacy. Until there are more regulations around the production of the oil, you may get more than you bargained for by purchasing from an individual, a convenience store or an unknown website.

Unintended Consequences

The popularity of CBD oil, combined with the lack of production standards, has allowed opportunists to hang out their CBD expert shingle. Unfortunately, not everyone who produces or sells CBD oil has the best interests of the consumer in mind. If you choose to purchase CBD oil from a source other than your local pharmacy because the price may be lower, you may get some unintended bonuses:

• Side Effects

• THC Levels

• Contaminants

Some people experience side effects, particularly if they are taking medications. Without standards, some CBD oils may contain levels of THC that can be measured in employment-related drug tests, mistakenly showing positive for marijuana use. In other cases, the oil may also contain contaminants like pesticides or chemicals that could be harmful.

Benefits of Buying From a Pharmacy

Pharmacies like D-Rex are conscientious and focused on the health of their customers. They only purchase CBD from reputable sources with the highest standards, like Ananda, Founder's Hemp and Charlotte's Web. These companies have a 3rd party laboratory test their products for proof of purity.

Since there is a risk of drug interaction, your pharmacist can review your prescriptions to make sure that CBD oil is the right choice for you. At D-Rex Pharmacy, we take the safety of our valued customers seriously. Besides reviewing your prescriptions and other supplements, we also provide a form that lists all the risks of CBD so that you can make an informed decision. If you think that CBD might be right for you, contact us for more information on CBD oil, its benefits and its potential risks.

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