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Vital Diabetes Screenings You Should Do Every Year

Diabetes is a lot to manage, from daily insulin injections to diet changes. However, these are only a part of successful diabetic care.. Taking care of the rest of your body will also help you keep diabetic symptoms under control and catch problems early on. Important areas to add to your treatment plan are vision screenings and foot screenings, as well as visiting your nearby pharmacy for equipment that will make managing diabetes easier.

Vision Screenings

The top reason for adult-onset blindness is diabetic retinopathy. This is when the blood vessels in the back of your eye are blocked by too much sugar in the bloodstream, causing damage. Normally, new blood vessels won’t grow. If they do, they don’t develop properly and end up leaking leading to worse issues.

To avoid this, visit your eye doctor every year to have a dilated eye exam. This is the best way to catch diseases early on and prevent vision loss. If you notice changes in your vision, such as dark spots or trouble seeing color, see your eye doctor right away.

Foot Screenings

Diabetes can cause nerve damage in your feet that makes it harder to detect wounds. Diabetes also decreases the blood flow to your feet. This makes it harder for wounds to heal. Proper foot care can save you from experiencing serious health problems, such as bad infections and misshapen feet.

You should not only get a yearly foot exam by your doctor but also complete daily checks at home even if you feel fine. Here are some things to look for:

  • Blisters

  • Bruises

  • Cracked or rough skin

  • Cuts and sores

  • Ingrown or thick, yellow toenails

  • Itchy or burning rashes

  • Plantar warts (growths)

  • Red or warm spots

Also watch out for tingling or pain, as well as loss of touch or temperature sensation.

In addition to doing screenings, treat your feet properly. Always wear socks and breathable shoes, particularly ones meant for diabetes. They are not only comfortable and better fitting but also accommodate swelling and reduce skin irritation. Your local pharmacy likely carries diabetic shoes and socks. D-Rex has a complete line of these products.

Wash your feet in warm water, dry completely, and apply lotion (except between the toes to avoid infection – apply powder instead to soak up moisture). Take walks to stay healthy and increase blood flow. If you can’t, keep your feet up when you’re sitting, and rotate your ankles and wiggle your feet and toes frequently.

Diabetic Aids for Better Health Management

Advanced understanding of diabetes has led to helpful aids that make care more manageable. You can find diabetic shoes, as well as other home medical equipment for all your health needs, right here at D-Rex Pharmacy.

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