What is rx bin number on insurance card?

what is rx bin number on insurance card
Rx BIN is a six-digit number used by health insurers to handle electronic pharmacy claims. Prior to receiving a new ID card or appearing in the new Carrier’s Rx system, new members utilize their Rx BIN and PCN numbers to pick up a new prescription (or refill) before receiving a new Rx card or appearing in the new Carrier’s Rx system.

What does the Rx term bin mean?

UNDERSTANDING PRESCRIPTION INSURANCE Differentiating Prescription and Medical Insurance Typically, when students bring medications to the WSSU Wellness Center Pharmacy, they are asked if they have prescription insurance. Frequently, a student’s medical insurance card may not have the correct prescription insurance information.

The only thing we can do at this time is recommend that the kid contact their parents to find out where the “lost card” or card information is. Students are seldom pleased to hear this and frequently assert that their “other” drugstore has always accepted this card. In actuality, the other pharmacy requires or would have required the identical prescription card information and must have obtained the customer’s prescription insurance information in some other way, such as through the patient’s family or home pharmacy.

The Treatment The most effective method for avoiding this problem is simple insurance card knowledge. Always carry your insurance card, but before stuffing it into your wallet, take a moment to review the card’s contents. The information will typically be presented in one of three ways: Prescription Card BlueCross BlueShield The information of the prescription insurance company is printed in the top right corner of the issued card when the medical insurance company does not cover medications.

  1. Cigna Prescription Insurance Card If prescription charges are covered in addition to medical expenditures, the initials Rx will be printed anywhere on the insurance card.
  2. Card for United Healthcare prescription coverage Occasionally, the medical insurance company does not cover prescriptions, but the details of a prescription insurance company that does cover the medication is printed on the same card.
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Card for Caremark Prescription Insurance Occasionally, a separate firm handles pharmaceutical coverage and issues a second prescription card. Regardless of the insurance provider, the pharmacy requires four essential pieces of information. RxBin – the Bank Identification Number directs a claim to the appropriate insurance provider. RxPCN – the Processor Control Number narrows the claim further to the particular insurance ID – the member’s assigned identity number. RxGrp – the prescription group number identifies the group plan under which the member ID falls.

Different Insurance Cards There are several sorts of insurance cards used in a variety of situations, and this article will help you locate the necessary insurance information. Medical insurance cards, pharmacy benefit insurance cards, and Medicaid insurance cards are the sorts of insurance cards we will examine.

What is the difference between a medical insurance card and an insurance card for pharmaceutical benefits? Some individuals may have a single insurance card that covers both medical expenditures (such as visits to the doctor or hospital) and pharmacy benefits (to pay prescriptions), although these are often two distinct cards with unique identifying numbers.

Medical card example: what is rx bin number on insurance card what is rx bin number on insurance card what is rx bin number on insurance card Examples of pharmacy card designs: To process a prescription for medicine, pharmacies often require a pharmacy benefits card, which has a RxGroup, RxPCN, and RxBIN number in addition to the Member ID number. Another term for a prescription is “Rx.” Typically, medical cards have merely a Member ID number.

  • If your insurance company simply mailed you a medical insurance card, you may often get information about your pharmacy coverage online or by phoning your insurance company (look for the phone number for Member Services on the back of your card).
  • What are RxBIN and RxPCN, and what are their functions? RxBIN is an acronym for Bank Identification Number, which assists pharmacies in determining which insurance company’s prescription plan to process.
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RxPCN, which stands for Processor Control Number, is another unique identification the pharmacy uses to identify you. It is essential for the pharmacy to have this information in order to locate your insurance and obtain reimbursement for your medicines.

  • Are Medicaid cards visually distinct from other insurance cards? Medicaid offers free or low-cost health care to millions of Americans, including low-income individuals, families and children, pregnant women, and those with disabilities.
  • Medicaid cards vary by state and do not contain RxGroup, RxPCN, or RxBIN numbers; only a Member ID number is included.

If you have a Medicaid managed care plan, you should still be able to get information about your pharmacy coverage. After thirty days, several states compel Medicaid beneficiaries to transfer to a managed care plan. A Florida Medicaid card and a Florida Medicaid managed care card are seen below.

  • Note that the gold Medicaid card has simply the Member ID, but the managed care plan includes the Member ID, RxBIN, RxPCN, and RxGroup numbers.
  • What if I am unable to locate the RxBIN, RxPCN, or RxGroup on the card? Check the back of your card first, as it is not usually on the front! The majority of pharmacy cards will have all four numbers (Member ID, RxGroup, RxPCN, and RxBIN), although there are a few plans that do not include all four digits but are still approved.

Member ID and RxBIN are the two most critical pieces of information required for the pharmacy to locate your health insurance coverage. Providing the RxGroup and RxPCN codes might assist the pharmacist in locating your health insurance information more quickly and precisely.

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Aetna cards, for instance, may have merely a Member ID number and a RxBIN number. If you just have a medical insurance card and you need information about your pharmacy coverage, you can contact your insurance company. Check out our post for advice on how to contact your insurance provider. — Need extra assistance? If you have an account with Twentyeight Health, you may contact our customer service team at [email protected] health or by texting us at (929) 352-0050.

Additionally, you may contact Member Services of your insurance provider (their phone number is normally located on the back of your insurance card): Different Insurance Cards what is rx bin number on insurance card what is rx bin number on insurance card what is rx bin number on insurance card

What policy has the bin number 610014?


Name Bin # Group #
Commercial 610014 3602
ASO 610014 3602
Medicare 610014 THPMEDI
Medicaid Administered through Molina Medicaid Solutions – 1.888.483.0801 610154